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Cancel RIMPAC Summit & Mobilization

The Rim of the Pacific (RIMPAC) exercises are the largest joint war exercises in the world, conducted biannually in Hawai'i. The US uses RIMPAC to strengthen the abilities of 26 of its allies’ militaries (including Israel) to wage wars of aggression around the world, as threats of war between major military powers continue to rise. Through weapons testing and war-making, defense contractors and fossil fuel corporations reap hundreds of millions of dollars in profits. The US military occupation of Hawai'i is a violation of native Hawaiian sovereignty and turns Hawai'i into a place where “future wars are in development.” RIMPAC leads to environmental destruction, violence against women, and a gross neglect of the day to day needs of people all over the world by advancing US-led wars. Click here for more information about the Cancel RIMPAC campaign. 

Join CODEPINK SD as we support the summit and mobilization against the 2024 RIMPAC exercises.

Registration for the June 29th summit at UCSD is now CLOSED.

The June 30th mobilization will begin at 2pm at 401 B Street in downtown San Diego. Bring signs and wear pink!




San Diego (RSVP for more details)


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