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Breaking Through Power Civil Mobilization

Don't miss this! Ralph Nader and the  Center for Study of Responsive Law are celebrating the 50th anniversary year of Ralph Nader's “Unsafe at Any Speed” with four days of learning, planning and organizing at the Breaking Through Power Civil Mobilization. The event will be at Constitution Hall in Washington, D.C., on May 23, 24, 25 and 26, 2016. CODEPINK's Medea Benjamin will be speaking on sessions about war and congress.

You can attend one or all four days this event. The convening webpage is at:

We hope to see you there! The CODEPINK Team

Program highlights 

Monday, May 23 Breaking Through Power- How It’s Done 

Leaders of influential civic groups in a variety of fields will explain how with modest budgets, and determined, focused purpose, they successfully changed our country for the better. This unprecedented gathering will showcase the strategic insights these leaders gained over the years and will offer perspectives on new innovations and strategies for future efforts

Participants and presenters: Ralph Nader; Jim Hightower; Barry Scheck- The Innocence Project; Karen Friedman- Pension Rights Center; Michael Jacobson- Center for Science in the Public Interest; Clarence Ditlow- Center for Auto Safety; Ralf Hotchkiss- Whirlwind Wheelchair; Sidney Wolfe – Public Citizen Health Research Group; F. Paul Bland- Public Justice; Robert Fellmeth- Children’s Advocacy Institute; Robert T Coulter- The Indian Law Resource Center; Michael McPhearson- Veterans for Peace; Jay Feldman- Beyond Pesticides; Jamie Love- Knowledge Ecology International; Jeff Ruch- Public Employees for Environmental Responsibility; Harvey Rosenfeld- Consumer Watchdog; Al Fritsch- Appalachia Science in the Public Interest; Andre Delattre- US Public Interest Research Group; Lois Gibbs- Center for Health, Environment and Justice

Tuesday, May 24 Breaking Through the Media

Leading authors, documentary filmmakers, journalists, cartoonists, new media content producers and other creative advocates will gather to discuss tactics to reform our communications landscape, and open the airwaves and internet up to serious and compelling content.

Participants and presenters: Patti Smith; Phil Donahue; Nicholas Johnson; Michael Copps; John Nichols; Jeff Chester; Jeff Cohen; Eugene Jarecki; Laura Flanders; Jim Naureckas; Winona LaDuke; Mark Green; Lori Wallach; Ken Reed; Richard Newman; Phyllis Bennis; Kathy Ozer; Janine Jackson; Rena Steinzor; Phillip Weiss; Pete Davis; Stephen Cohen; Mickey Huff; Matt Wuerker; Kirk Wiebe; William Binney

Wednesday, May 25 Breaking Through War

Former military and national security experts, diplomats, veterans, and leaders of organizations dedicated to waging peace will discuss strategies to resist the pressure for perpetual war, and to proactively promote peaceful alternatives.

Participants and presenters: Lawrence Wilkerson; Paul Pillar; Mathew Hoh; Raed Jarrar; Jim Cason; Kevin Martin; Medea Benjamin; Chris Hedges; Eugene Jarecki; William Hartung; Danielle Brian; John Kiriakou; Tom Drake; Jesselyn Radack; Colman McCarthy; Allan Nairn; Stephen Kinzer; Michael McPhearson; Barry Ladendorf; Eugene Jarecki

Thursday, May 26 Breaking Through Congress

A new civic platform will be presented by our nation’s leading advocates. This platform will be advanced by presenting a “Great Citizen Summons of Members of Congress” that will form the basis of a sustained nationwide organizing effort.

Participants and presenters: Dennis Kucinich; Ralph Nader; Marta Tellado; Tom Devine; Max Steir; Russell Mokhiber; Karen Higgens; Mark Dimondstein; Robert Pollin; Lori Wallach; Michael Shuman; David Freeman; Bruce Fein; Jonathan Turley; Medea Benjamin; Wenonah Hauter; Miles Rapoport.




Constitution Hall in Washington, DC
1776 D St NW, Washington, DC 20006, United States,

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