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Send a Letter to Congress to Boycott Bibi’s Visit!

The people of Gaza have been living a nightmare since October. Over 40,000 Palestinians have been murdered, including over 15,000 children, no one has safe access to food, water, shelter, or healthcare, and everyone lives under the threat of bombs and live ammunition every moment of every day. 

As if billions of US dollars arming Israel isn’t enough, Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu, the top war criminal responsible for this genocide, is set to address the US Congress in person on July 24. This is beyond unacceptable, this is a mask-off endorsement of genocide. 

Netanyahu should be arrested upon entry into the US in compliance with the International Criminal Court’s arrest warrants, not welcomed with open arms. We must demand Congress boycott this genocide pep-rally and take every measure to bring Netanyahu to justice! Send a letter directly to your member of Congress demanding they boycott Bibi’s visit!