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We are thrilled to be partnering with our friends at Jewish Voice for Peace to tell to stop erasing Palestinians from East Jerusalem. Add your name now.

Shouldn’t you know if you’re going to book a room in an illegal Israeli settlement? Apparently, doesn’t think so. Last week, bowing to pressure from fanatical settlers and pro-Israel activists, they started describing all of Jerusalem, including East Jerusalem, as a “city in Israel.”’s CEO Gillian Tans is a proud progressive female leader, famous for her openness — so we are sending her a strong and clear message: must tell the truth that East Jerusalem is occupied Palestine!

Join CODEPINK, Jewish Voice for Peace and others in sending a message to Gillian Tans.

Tell to tell the Truth

This isn’t just about websites. It’s about a concerted cultural campaign from fanatical settlers, pro-Israel groups and Netanyahu’s right-wing administration. It was furthered by Trump’s move of the US embassy to Jerusalem and it is being supported by mainstream companies like and Airbnb. They are assisting in land theft and the erasure of Palestinian identity.

We at CODEPINK and Jewish Voice for Peace are drawing a line in the sand: must tell the truth about the Israeli occupation. Add your name and share with everyone you know: STOP erasing Palestine!

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Thanks for joining me,
Ariel and the entire CODEPINK team

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