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Tell Biden: Call for Negotiations in Ukraine Now!

On March 18th, we are calling on the world to end wars. We are asking our global community who wants peace to sign our petition to President Biden calling on him to stop stoking war with Russia and China and to push for a diplomatic solution to the war in Ukraine. Endlessly fueling the war only puts more people at risk. 20 years ago on March 18th, we saw the U.S.-invasion of Iraq- this year we will see a major set of actions taking place across the country demanding "Peace in Ukraine – Say NO to Endless U.S. Wars”, “Fund People's Needs, Not the War Machine”, "No to war with China" and more!

We call on everyone to share this petition with 3 people you know to help get as many signatures as possible, but also to raise up the message of diplomacy and negotiations in a time where diplomatic solutions to war are shrugged off. The people and the planet cannot afford a nuclear war. Sign below! 

Dear President Biden, 

People around the world, call on you to encourage peace talks in Ukraine and commit to collaboration with China to address the world's toughest problems instead of further stoking wars against China and Russia.

We condemn Russia’s invasion of Ukraine. We condemn NATO's provocation that has played a major role in exacerbating this conflict, facilitating a 2014 coup to overthrow the democratically elected leader of Ukraine and breaking promises not to expand NATO into Eastern Europe, where offensive missiles in Romania and Poland could reach Russia in minutes. 

We recognize that there is no military solution in Ukraine. If you truly care about stopping the slaughter of innocent civilians, you would stop prolonging the war with continued shipments of weapons and make a serious push for negotiations. War exacerbates issues of domestic violence, assault, and other harms against women. We implore you to call for a ceasefire immediately. 

In regards to China, we call on you to build cooperation instead of competition. Our biggest common threat is climate change, and China and the United States could begin to truly address the issue and begin to find solutions together. In order to save our planet from destruction, the United States of America must embrace a multipolar world by stopping aggression towards China. For the safety of the people, our children, and loved ones, we cannot risk a war between our two countries. 




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