Barbara Harris and "counter-recruitment" in NYC

Posted by CODEPINK Staff

The New York Times ran a story today about Barbara Harris, 71, of CODEPINK NYC,  "a retired teacher and longtime peace advocate ... on a personal crusade to block recruiters for the United States military from contacting New York City high school students."

She'll be out at a New York City high school tonight -- other volunteers will be at 52 other schools -- at Parent Teacher Conference night, talking with parents about how they can "opt-out" from having the school send their children's private information to the military under a small provision of No Child Left Behind.
“You give them the information, you see them change their minds,” she said. “They know their kids are vulnerable. They say: ‘They’re calling my baby and I don’t want them to speak to my child. What should I do?’ ”

Barbara is amazing -- so intelligent, strong, organized and kind. She has a heart of gold and has made this cause a top priority in her life. What do you think of recruiters in schools?

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