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April CODEPINK Onboarding

Are you ready to become a Peacemaker and begin organizing against the war machine? Join CODEPINK for an onboarding call to get to know our history, value, and strategies. Building alignment is an important part of finding an organizing home, so this is the chance to see what we stand for and where you can fit into this work!

This call is for anyone wanting to join our organizing track and plan local peace actions.

You will receive a zoom link upon RSVP'ing. We do not share names or emails with anyone, and you can choose not to show your name publicly as a RSVP.





Can we count you in?

120 RSVPS Lindsey Nguyen Maya Hernandez Kenneth Teore Melanie Cohen Anabelle Brown Kara Cruickshank Eric Grundy Joseph Lacinak Fares Sal Lynn Sage Bizer Haris Pervaiz Sadia Kadri Sebastian Smith Ahmed Ghali Afaaf Buchh Kara Deagan Sarah Fauth Hina Nadar Emberin Tayson James Nutter Mario Aguila Tasim Begum Melinda v Riley Blackwell Cyprian Uhilamoelangi Aisha Noorany Patricia Alexander Muhammad El Bachir Loum Anton Iann Hesham Abdelghany Andy Z Chan Tooba Khan Kitia Benedetti camilla palmer Megan Baker Syed Ali Faye Weckle Tara Astor Tracy Boyd Sophje Grajeda Penny Arcos Norah M Al-Qahtani Youssef Dirani Eric Reagan Albina Hasandekic Muhammad Sheheryar Mariam Wardak Michael Ruff

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