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Anti-Gun Violence


Every 16 minutes, an American is killed with a gun. Over 90 are shot and killed every day, which places the U.S. as #1 in mass shootings among all other developed nations. This kind of carnage is absolutely preventable but is perpetuated by the NRA’s meddling in the government. The result is that every year, more and more mothers are left childless, their sons and daughters were taken from them by gun violence.

Cynthia Dawkins’ son Timothy was killed by a stray bullet in 2013. Join her in fighting back against the NRA and change the statistics!

Testimony from Cynthia DeShola Dawkins

On August 21, 2013, my youngest son, Timothy, was hit by a stray bullet (9 mm glock 32 round extended clip) and killed. That bullet entered his back and severed his spinal cord, which exited his throat. My son died instantly during that shooting in Washington, DC. No one feels the pain of losing a child like a mother does, which is why I’ve dedicated my life to ending gun violence. The thug that killed my son returned home on May 26. He was acquitted by a jury of first-degree murder, but charged with having an illegal weapon. Timothy had a promising future and didn't deserve to die this way. Our judicial system has failed me and my family. I hold the NRA accountable for my son’s life.