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Reportback from Afghanistan: Medea Benjamin

Join Wisconsin Peace Action, Chicago Area Peace Action, CODEPINK, and Massachusetts Peace Action to learn more about Medea Benjamin’s trip to Afghanistan in March 2022.

The most important thing we can do for Afghan women and girls right now is to call on the Biden Administration and key members of Congress to unfreeze the Afghan funds to pay teachers and healthcare workers. This money could come from the $9.4 billion of Afghan funds frozen in U.S. banks or from the World Bank reconstruction fund. The U.S. should use its leverage to get the World Bank funds released.

The Afghan people, especially the women, should not be denied access to education or life-saving care. If these basic needs are not funded urgently, millions of Afghans will continue to suffer and there will be a huge wave of desperate refugees.

Medea Benjamin: founder of CodePink: Women for Peace, will lead a women’s delegation to Afghanistan to find the truth of what’s happening in Afghanistan. Join her for a reportback.

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