Activists Protect DC Venezuelan Embassy from US-supported Coup

The Embassy Protectors have decorated the Venezuelan Embassy with signs and banners that are giving the Georgetown neighbors a good education. A large banner right above the Venezuelan flag says "End the Deadly Sanctions." (Photo: Courtesy of the authors)

The Trump-orchestrated plan of creating a parallel government in Venezuela and then simply taking over diplomatic premises is totally illegal

By Medea Benjamin, Kevin Zeese

An extraordinary chapter in the ongoing saga of Venezuela has been taking place, virtually unnoticed, at the Venezuela Embassy that lies in the heart of swanky Georgetown in Washington DC. A group initiated by CODEPINK and Popular Resistance, all activists opposed to the prospect of the Venezuelan opposition taking over the Embassy, have been living inside the building for the past two weeks, working side-by-side with the skeletal Venezuela diplomatic staff that has been told by the State Department that they must leave by April 24.

Calling ourselves the Embassy Protection Collective, we have been working in the embassy during the day, holding educational events every evening, making banners and signs, and sleeping on couches at night. The evening events have included seminars on Julian Assange, US foreign policy in Africa, the history of Venezuela, and update on Honduras and El Salvador. The night before we expect the embassy takeover to occur, April 24, we will have a talk by former CIA officer, John Kiriakou, who will give an insider's view of US regime change operations.

The Embassy Protectors also decorated the Embassy with signs and banners that are giving the Georgetown neighbors a good education. A large banner right above the Venezuelan flag says “End the Deadly Sanctions.” Two placards are bolted on the wall next to the stately building columns: One is an “imperial checklist” about how to orchestrate a coup, another shows the consequences of some of the past US interventions. Thirty-two signs are in the windows, giving a chronology of the attempted Venezuelan coup. The banner that evokes the most curiosity from passersby is the iconic “Eyes of Chavez”--a design representing Hugo Chavez’s piercing eyes that is painted on murals all over Venezuela.

The Collective has good reason to believe the embassy is under attack. On March 18, representatives of Venezuelan opposition leader Juan Guaido took over the military attaché building on 2409 California St. in Washington DC, with the help of the DC Police and Secret Service. On that same day, they also took over the Venezuelan Consulate in New York City.

According to  Article 22 of the 1961 Vienna Conventions on Diplomatic Relations, diplomatic premises are “inviolable.” Moreover, the receiving State must protect the premises against any “intrusion, disturbance of the peace or impairment of its dignity.” A takeover by an unelected government would certainly violate these principles. Like it or not, the Maduro government is actually the government in power in Venezuela and is recognized by the United Nations. This Trump-orchestrated plan of creating a parallel government and then simply taking over diplomatic premises is totally illegal.

The only other country that has allowed the opposition to take diplomatic premises is Costa Rica. Throughout the rest of the world, Venezuelan diplomatic premises continue to be staffed by Maduro’s administration, even in countries that recognize Guaido as interim president. They understand that Guaido does not have any control inside Venezuela, so his representatives would not be able to carry out normal diplomatic tasks.

The collective is calling on other activists to join them, especially this Thursday, to hold onto the space.

For more information, see: the Embassy Protection Collective.

Medea Benjamin, co-founder of Global Exchange and CODEPINK: Women for Peace, is the author of the new book, Inside Iran: The Real History and Politics of the Islamic Republic of Iran. Her previous books include: Kingdom of the Unjust: Behind the U.S.-Saudi Connection; Drone Warfare: Killing by Remote Control; Don’t Be Afraid Gringo: A Honduran Woman Speaks from the Heart, and (with Jodie Evans) Stop the Next War Now (Inner Ocean Action Guide). Follow her on Twitter: @medeabenjamin

Kevin Zeese is an organizer of Popular Resistance and the Attorney General for the Green Shadow Cabinet. He is in the leadership of World Beyond War and Come Home America.


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  • Eduardo Ferrero
    commented 2019-05-13 22:00:56 -0400
    Judy, Venezuela actually was a magnet for the rest of Latin America and actually the USA.
    The alphabetization was the highest, same the rate of doctors per population. Yes, there were problems.
    The “death squads” were created by the chavistas, they are the “colectivos”.
    We know you love your Cubans, but at least get your story straight.
  • Eduardo Ferrero
    commented 2019-05-13 21:55:53 -0400
    The Cubans have the narrative that “Chavez nationalized the oil industry”, when it really was Carlos Andres Perez that nationalized the oil and steel industries. The Cubans also say that Chavez decreed the compulsory and free education when it was Guzman Blanco back in the 1800s.
    But these CODEPINK people prefer to listen to the Cubans than the Venezuelans, because “all the Venezuelans here are millionaires running from the chavistas”. I wish I was!!! But if I don’t work nobody pays my bills…
    Certainly there are some millionaires around… some of them chavistas of course.
    Besides changing the name of the country, the flag and the seal, the only thing that the chavistas have brought is ruin to Venezuela.
  • Cristina Wagner
    commented 2019-05-13 12:01:51 -0400
    Speaking without knowing is dangerous, you have no clue what Venezuela was before the criminals now in our government and if you knew, basic decency would show you that you.are so wrong..
  • Cristina Wagner
    commented 2019-05-13 12:01:50 -0400
    Speaking without knowing is dangerous, you have no clue what Venezuela was before the criminals now in our government and if you knew, basic decency would show you that you.are so wrong..
  • Cristina Wagner
    commented 2019-05-13 12:00:23 -0400
    Ma’m I think you have the history up side down. I am not one of the comfortable rich Venezuelans I belonged to the middle class which now is now does not exist. The highways, hospitals, universities were build during the Perez Jimenez Dictatorship and later kept in democracy. The only thing that Chavez has built was destruction and increased the number of poor people. I know the Venezuela from 1963 through 1995 and we all could live and have health. My family went to public hospitals for medical attention, and they had everything needed to provide the best attention to the patients. My brother works in the largest public Hospital in Caracas and he can show you if you are willing to see the destruction Chavez and this dictator has brought to our country. I lived my whole live in Venezuela in a middle class house and a public school and unless you know same you have no idea what you are talking about, and thus you are more dangerous than Maduro and his pals. My father used to say.. ignorance is aggressive and you are just showing how right he was.
  • Judy Ilan
    commented 2019-05-13 06:14:22 -0400
    It seems that Venezuelan Americans and affluent Venezuelans have an idealized version of their history. Venezuela was run by death squads. It had one of the highest illiteracy rates in Latin America and most of the citizens had never seen a doctor. The vast majority of the people lived in horrible hovels. While you had your lovely life you remember so fondly, the majority of Venezuelans lived a life of starvation and terror. Hugo Chavez led these people to the various times elected Bolivarian Revolution which brought a new life to these deprived Venezuelans: medical centers all over the country, a literacy program that wiped out illiteracy, food distribution centers, housing programs, land distribution program out of the city, university centres in neighbourhoods,
    highways, bridges, transit systems built all over the country, and many more benefits. Yes the people are literate and they VOTE! All this has been accomplished in spite of a vicious opposition that has sabotaged, ravaged, destroyed, organized coups, murdered, kidnapped, tortured, any method possible to return themselves to power. You can see them outside the embassy with their sledgehammers. They refer to themselves as “the real Venezuelans”. It seems that the huge majority of the rest of the country are not Venezuelans but rather less than human peons. Of course looming in the background is Uncle Sam fanning the fire to take back its “backyard”. Viva Venezuela! Viva Code Pink! 6.2 million votes for Maduro…….
  • Cristina Wagner
    commented 2019-05-12 13:36:11 -0400
    While I admire and share your vision of no wars, I would like you to become more I formed about my home country. As a Venezuelan-American during the last 19 years I have seen how fist Chavez and later Maduros Dictatorships have destroyed my beautiful country and people for their own benefit. I believe in peace, but peace can only grow and exist in democracy. Please I form yourself better so “women” stop to be called superficial and ignorant. You are forgetting to mention Panama where USA intervention helped get rid of a narco dictatorship and is now a booming country. Intervention can go both ways depending on the culture and citizens willingness to assume responsibility and built back their country. I believe Venezuela is one of those examples.
  • tjmm
    commented 2019-05-11 09:51:06 -0400
    You are totally idiots and you’re defending immorality
  • Eduardo Ferrero
    commented 2019-05-09 09:23:26 -0400
    Still supporting the dictatorship in Venezuela?
    Aren’t you ashamed of yourselves?
    Maduro is just a drug trafficker that calls himself a “leftist”.
    His term is over and he didn’t call for real elections, he named the “candidates” that could run against him from his friends. That is not democracy!
    What about the political prisoners being tortured?
    Do you also support torture?
  • Eduardo Ferrero
    commented 2019-05-06 17:53:44 -0400
    Posada Carriles spent years in prison in Venezuela, maybe was an asset of the CIA but from jail you can’t be the director of anything and surely can’t become a citizen.
    Read real history, not faked news. You are behaving exactly like Trump and doing him a great favor.
  • Eduardo Ferrero
    commented 2019-05-06 17:49:46 -0400
    You are right Elizabeth, they need to talk to a real Venezuelan and not to the Cubans.
    Check the video on the link of a proud National Guard torturing prisoners. I am not telling you now but the accent of the torturer an the commenter filming are very recognizable.
    These videos are common and the chavistas take the time to spread them to scare the opposition.
    They don’t care to be recognized because they know that since they are “socialists” people like you will always pardon them.
    Stop supporting the criminal dictatorship of Maduro.
    Stop staining the good name and reputation of your movement.
  • Elizabeth Roebling
    commented 2019-05-06 16:17:41 -0400
    You women are now on the wrong side of history. Please #AskaVenezuela and do some research on the history of how Maduro packed the Supreme Court I am afraid that you have now become “useful idiots” in the hands of Putin.
  • Judy Ilan
    commented 2019-04-29 11:21:04 -0400
    Posada, a Cuban exile who is now a Venezuelan citizen, is vehemently anti-Castro and is suspected to having been the main supporter of Bosch during the latter’s stay in Venezuela prior to being arrested in November 1974. Posada was formerly chief of the counterintelligence division of the Venezuelan Intelligence Service, DISIP. US government records

    Posada was a paid asset of the CIA from 1965 to 1967," when he left the United States to set up operations in Caracas as an intelligence official of the Venezuelan secret police, DISIP, “and again from 1968 to 1974,” states the summary. “From 1974 to 1976, CIA had intermittent contact with Posada.”

    He kept in close touch with the agency after leaving it and joining Venezuela’s intelligence service, known by its initials as Disip, where he served as a senior officer from 1969 to 1974, according to the declassified records and retired American officials who served in Venezuela.

    At the time of the bombing, Mr Posada Carriles was living in Venezuela, where according to declassified US intelligence files he was working as an informant in Venezuela’s intelligence service.

    LEARN YOUR HISTORY. Just because a person is born in a certain country does not give him the sole rights of knowing the history. There are often different factions within a country which have different versions of the history. What Cuban pamphlets are you talking about?
  • Eduardo Ferrero
    commented 2019-04-29 10:59:51 -0400
    Remember that the so called “coup of 2002” happened because Hugo Chavez and Nicolas Maduro had sharpshooters killing peaceful protesters.
    Hugo Chavez renounced and a triumvirate was supposed to be in charge but the traitor of Carmona tried to usurp power and the military brought Chavez back.
    We want rule of law in Venezuela, that is why Maduro has to leave, his term is over.
    By the way, check which one is the only company that is allowed to import medicines to Venezuela and who owns it.
  • Eduardo Ferrero
    commented 2019-04-29 10:38:34 -0400
    Luis Posada Carriles was not a head of anything in Venezuela. Maybe you should be checking facts and not the fiction of the Cuban pamphlets.
    He was jailed in Venezuela for years and surely escaped with “outside” help. He surely was a terrorist and surely was not head of anything from jail.
    Stop the lying! You are doing exactly the same thing as the extreme far right.
    You should be above those tactics.
    The “Cuban revolution” is a useless lie from the 60’s and early 70’s. Lying about the real situation and the mistakes made impossible to make corrections and ended up being the bad joke it is now.
    The Castros never implemented the adjustments other countries like Vietnam for example did and allow for the economy to grow.
    CODEPINK should be above supporting a murderer drug trafficking dictator such as Maduro.
  • Judy Ilan
    commented 2019-04-29 10:06:10 -0400
    Luis Posada Carriles was former head of the Counterintelligence Division of the Directorate for the Services of Intelligence and Prevention (DISIP) the Venezuelan civilian security service prior to the election of Hugo Chavez Frias. He is accused of murdering, acts of torture, illegal detention, physical abuse of prisoners, violations of international law, terrorizing political prisoners in Venezuela when he was head of special operations in the intelligence service of Venezuela. This was not just 2 people but the entire intelligence service of Venezuela at that time. There were many torturers and murderers which possibly helped lead to the Bolivarian Revolution which cleaned them out. Posada Carriles was implicated as recently as 2010 for contracting Francisco Chavez Abarca to carry out plans to violently disrupt the lead up to the September 2010 national assembly elections. Chavez Abarca stated at that time that his duty was to create: “Riots. Riots…tire burning…riots in the street…the other thing that could be done is attack one political party…so the (pro-Chavez) parties start fighting.” In your note you said “the head of Fedecamaras basically treasoned us.” You admit being a part of the coup of 2002 which shows that you are not just disagreeing with the current election of Maduro but you do not respect the rule of law nor the will of the people. You did not respect Chavez who only survived with his life because loyal members of the Air Force rescued him from the island where he was kidnapped to. This was all documented in the film “The Revolution Will Not Be Televised”. As far as Chavez starting the coup this story was debunked in the film “Llaguno Bridge Keys to a Massacre” where the opposition forces had snipers on top of the building near the bridge and they were shooting at Chavistas as well as their own opposition members to confuse the issue about who was shooting. They killed their own people. This film documents that the Chavistas on the bridge were shooting at the snipers on the roof and there were no marchers below the bridge at that time. The snipers from your side were shooting at a close member of your family. Your “imbecile of Carmona” is much like the imbecile of Guaidó – not elected, chosen by friends, outside of the rule of law, it would be a joke (or temper tantrum) if the consequences were not so serious for Venezuelan citizens. As for the random gringo in the basement, this is Max Blumenthal – author, filmmaker, internationally acclaimed journalist – who went to Venezuela for weeks to study the situation there. The utube film is the report he is giving to the United Nations on situation he observed in Venezuela. You told me I could find out what is happening in Venezuela if I went there for 2 days. The fact of the matter is that the outrageously rich oligarchs rich (from PDVSA funds) at the expense of the rest of the citizens had absolute power for decades. The majority of the country lived in obscene abject poverty. The “spoiled brat” opposition will never stop undermining the revolution to reclaim their past position. This includes financing or becoming street thugs terrorizing people in the guise of being Chavistas. Real Venezuelans have told me about this. Look in the mirror. Viva Venezuela!
  • Eduardo Ferrero
    commented 2019-04-28 23:27:34 -0400
    By the way, the coup you mentioned in 2002 happened because Chavez set sharp shooters to kill the people walking unarmed towards the presidential palace. Also you can see pictures of Nicolas Maduro shooting at a close member of my family that was part of that group. The coward of Maduro and other “revolutionaries” shot at unarmed civilians out of cowardice and because of their beliefs that “the revolution will pardon anything”.
    Of course, the chavistas change history all the time according to their interests, but to the ones that were there it can’t change.
    The fact that Maduro’s term is over is a fact.
    The fact that he never called for elections is a fact.
    The fact that the Constitution of Venezuela, written by the chavistas, states that Guaido has to become an interim president and call for elections is a fact.
    Whatever you say about “a coup” is irrelevant. Maduro is behaving like a spoiled brat that once he is losing a game wants to change the rules or throws a tantrum.
    CODEPINK should not be supporting a dictator and in particular a murderer drug trafficker as Maduro.
  • Eduardo Ferrero
    commented 2019-04-28 22:03:23 -0400
    Posada Carriles was not a director of the DISIP, the DISIP did not exist at that time. Maybe you mean DIGEPOL and he was not a director either.
    Yes Posada Carriles was a terrorist supported by the USA. One person and his partner makes it two and that’s it.
    Not we have thousands of terrorists roaming the streets calling themselves “colectivos” armed, drugged and killing people at random and for no reason whatsoever.
    Yes there was a coup attempt in 2002, terribly executed and the head of Fedecamaras basically treasoned us.
    The coup even though it was celebrated by the USA it was not supported by the USA. I wish it would have been, if so the imbecile of Carmona would had stayed in line.
    Again, you all have all the facts wrong.
    You really need to talk to real Venezuelans and not to Cubans or to some random gringo making a study from a basement without real sources but the pamphlets provided by the chavistas.
    Talk to a real Venezuelan or if you are really brave go and visit Venezuela. If you are really interested I can give you some tips on how to stay safe.
  • Judy Ilan
    commented 2019-04-28 08:07:23 -0400
    Luis Posada Carrilles, the Cuban terrorist who blew up a Cuban airline among many other atrocities, was head of the DISIP, the Venezuelan Intelligence Service as well as a CIA operative. “Commissioner Basilio”, his alias, was guilty of thousands of kidnappings, tortures, and disappearances in the decades preceding the electoral victory of President Hugo Chavez. The Venezuelan government had an extradition request for Posada Carrilles before the U.S. judicial system which was never honored showing the ongoing U.S. complicity in undermining the Venezuelan government. The world’s largest oil reserves are the prize. There may have been “public hospitals” in Venezuela but they were extremely high priced and only in the rich areas, not in the barrios with the poor where the majority of the population lives. Venezuelan doctors often refused to treat poor patients who did make it to the hospital. Maybe your father can tell you about that. When Chavez brought in thousands of Cuban doctors and set up clinics in the poorest neighborhoods most of the citizens of Venezuela had never been to a doctor, much less a hospital. Thousands of Venezuelans have now been trained as doctors by the Bolivarian Revolution. Medical care is free in Venezuela. Illiteracy was eradicated. Homes and co-ops have been built all over the country to help people to move out of the horrendous shacks they occupied under the previous government. The 2002 military coup against Hugo Chavez, backed by the US military, was orchestrated by the same people who are running the opposition now. They appointed their friends to run the short term “government” before it was deposed by the uprising of millions of Venezuelans in the streets. They accuse the Maduro government of using the exact same tactics they have always used: snipers, street gangs, assassinations, undocumented accusations of corruption. The opposition hoards commodities to create the illusion of shortages much as was done in Chile to discredit the Allende government. International observers (including Jimmy Carter in the past) declared the election free and fair. The Maduro government won in a landslide 68% (6.2 million) of the votes while his closest rival Henry Falcón could only muster 21%. A far cry from the turnout in US elections. Checkout this utube analysis
  • Eduardo Ferrero
    commented 2019-04-27 21:12:43 -0400
    Maybe again you need to verify your information. The presidential term of Maduro is over, he never called for real elections, he picked some candidates from his close friends an inhabilitated any member of the opposition.
    By law in absentia of a president the head of Congress has to become interim president and call for elections.
    Actually Maduro is the one stealing power from the people.
    About public hospitals you are wrong, my father worked on public hospitals for over 40 years. Actually Maduro stole the resources of the hospitals.
    Regarding the death squads you are 100% wrong, the “colectivos” are the death squads created by Maduro.
    You really need to talk to a real Venezuelan or maybe spend a few days in Venezuela.
    Codepink should not support drug trafficker dictators.
  • Judy Ilan
    commented 2019-04-27 16:56:14 -0400
    Viva Venezuela! The Venezuelan oligarchy with their US accomplices want to steal the power the citizens have given to Chavez and now Maduro. Before the Chavistas came in to power the death squads ruled supreme. There were no hospitals for the poor, a huge percentage of citizens were illiterate, the money was siphoned out with the oil by these oligarchs. The revolution put a stop to that. Protect the Venezuelan embassy in DC! Code Pink keep up the GREAT WORK! I am proud of you. Fascism is alive and well in the USA. It has been for a long time but its cruel face has been further exposed by füh·rer Trump. This is true folks, he is not a goof, clown or ignoramus: the US has been been subjected to a coup following the principles of fascism worldwide. We ignore him/them at our peril: will they relinquish power? Venezuela is but one of a continuous barrage of attacks by the commander in chief and his cohorts: take over of the court system by nazi judges, children in cages, walls, abandoning treaties, targeting immigrants, Muslims, blacks, women, teachers, Natives, latinos, children, Senators cowering, NRA running amuck, KKK, Wall Street, compliant Democrats, AIPAC, just to name a few. A policy of overkill to overwhelm dissent. What does it take for the US citizens to stand up to this?? Viva Venezuela, Julian Assange, Chelsea Manning, Puerto Rico, Palestine, Cuba, Standing Rock, Code Pink…….
  • Eduardo Ferrero
    commented 2019-04-27 16:23:11 -0400
    Look, that number of 40000 since 2017 you need to double check. 

    Just in Caracas there are over 100 murders by weekend, most of them gang related. 

    Ther are no sanctions against Venezuela but against Maduro and his criminal friends. They have stolen all the money they could from PDVSA in particular and used accounts of PDVSA and the Venezuelan government to launder money, so now the banks do not want to deal with those accounts anymore because the banks don’t want to get involved in money laundering. 

    The other big problem is that the Orange entity involved himself in the situation to support Marco Rubio that is trying to collect donations from the Venezuelans in Florida and “sort of promised” an invasion. 

    If someone is dying in Venezuela it is Maduro’s responsibility, not the USA, not Trump. Maduro destroyed the Venezuelan economy and turned Venezuela into a narco-state.

    Talk to real Venezuelans, not to an American that makes a “study” that has never been to Venezuela. 

    Do you really want to know?

    Ask me, we can sit down and talk I can give you facts that are not practical to discuss this way.
  • Rafael Orozco
    commented 2019-04-26 13:17:31 -0400
    You do not have any idea who is Maduro is a Criminal , Killing students, population, and receiving terrorism group as ELN, Hezbolah, etc
  • Rafael Millán
    commented 2019-04-26 09:59:20 -0400
    If you want to protest, go to Venezuela, breath there, eat there, try to have a life there, just try it for three months, and if afterward you still want cry out this message through protest I will join you personally
  • Harry Alaín Márquez
    commented 2019-04-26 02:16:56 -0400
    Gracias por ese apoyo fraternal… solo Dios y la historia sabrá agradecer enormemente.. seguiremos siendo libres en la patria de Bolívar y Chávez a pesar de las amenazas.. No Pasarán! Chávez Vive!!! la Patria Sigue!!!
  • regina zender
    commented 2019-04-25 23:30:12 -0400
    Hi, dear all. Although it looks like you do want to see the betterment of the world in general, beware. Regarding Venezuela it might be that you´ve believed what Maduro´s people say. It might even go further in time to that you believed what Chavez´s people said, beware. Since Chavez came to power, him and the people around him have lied. Daily and compulsorily; shamelessly and criminally, beware.
    Beware to give your voices, and show your faces for these thugs. Unfortunately, they are the resented byproduct of many generations of citizens that let their young be disconnected from history and politics; so they did come to power with the support of others as hurt as them, but they have only deepened the social and economic issues, tortured youth like our last dictator (over 40yrs before them) had done, stole as much as possible and lied, lied, lied about it all and beyond.
    Please don´t think that because I write this, I agree with any kind of foreign intervention. Know that our military is under Cuban leadership already, our businessses and lands given away to the interests of many countries for generations to come, beware.
    Please don´t think that because I write this, I agree with any kind of foreign intervention. I am aware of the history of American interventionism for many decades, beware.
    Please get your facts straight. People are dying, and that´s no lie. Please get your facts straight, beware.
  • Janko Juric
    commented 2019-04-25 15:33:03 -0400
    I’m pretty sure you don’t even know where Venezuela is… 😂. (clue: is not a neighbour of Uzbekistan…). You really wanna help? Bring some refugees to your homes, feed them, and then the most important: listen to theirs stories. Then, have the courage to gather them all and publish them here. I challenge you all to do that.
  • Wilmer Ramirez
    commented 2019-04-25 15:31:50 -0400
    A Huge code pink representation should move to live in Venezuela if want to take sides on behalf of the dictatorship.

    Love Dictators? move to their countries and enjoy the communism.

    I can’t wait to see their asses kicked by the local police in Washington.
  • Rodrigo Gutierrez
    commented 2019-04-25 15:30:45 -0400
    Supporting the Maduro regime in Venezuela is equivalent to supporting Adolf Hitler in Germany during 1940. Maduro is a dictator, same as Pinochet, Stroesner, Castro, Stalin, etc!!! He has led Venezuela from being the richest country in South America to the poorest and the people of Venezuela are suffering because of his political and economical policies (initiated during Hugo Chavez). He has taken over every branch of the government (100%) including the executive, legislative and jucicial branches (Supreme Court) and the military, paramilitary, and guerrilla leftist forces. When the opposition won the majority of the Asamblea Nacional (Venezuelan Senate and House of Representatives), Maduro ordered the Supreme Court to remove all power to the Asamblea Nacional and built up his own senate called the Asamblea Nacional Constituyente but whose members are all chavistas and Maduro’s followers. Any similarities with right wing dictators is simply a coincidence? The opposition in Venezuela and the people of Venezuela have taken to the streets in mass peacefull manifestations (millions) against Maduro and his regime but were attacked over and over again by the GNB (Bolivarian National Guard) and the Colectivos (paramilitary units controlled by Maduro). Now Maduro has allowed thousands of Cuban secret agents to monitor and control the Venezuelan military forces, hundreds of Russian military forces and equipment, and is even considering allowing Iranian Revolutionary Guards into Venezuela to protect him. They are making Venezuela into another Siria!!! And yet you, Code Pink, blame the US government for trying to start a coup against the dictator? Are you forgetting the millions of Venezuelans begging the US and other countries for help to get rid of the dictator? Are you forgetting the thousands of Venezuelans who have suffered torture and are political prisoners in Venezuela? Would you defend Adolf Hitler or Manuel Noriega too simply because the US government wanted them out of power??
  • Rafael Prins
    commented 2019-04-25 12:38:55 -0400
    Please stop doing what you are doing in “supposed” support to Venezuela, the people in Venezuela are going hungry, and millions of people had to leave the country because of the crisis, me included, I have more than two yearsthat i don´t see my family because my brothers are in different countries and my parents are in Venezuela, they survive with the help we send them through remittances.

    I would invite you to visit venezuela especially the popular neighborhoods where the crisis is even more visible, I also invite you to visit the public hospitals, where you can see the humanitarian emergency that exists there.