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21 Days to Love: Day 8



“I used to be scared to express my opinion. I was scared to sound “stupid,” to be “wrong” or to invite conflict or challenge. I was always afraid that if I was challenged, I would not be able to back up my argument with facts. This is because a lot of what I knew came from deep within my Soul, so I could not always be backed up by cold hard facts. Because of this, I was much more comfortable learning from others, rather than stepping into my dharma as a teacher and leader.

But this comfort eventually grew to discomfort. I was so uncomfortable with keeping myself small; keeping my voice hidden; keeping my truths and power inside. I knew I was meant for bigger things--bigger stages, bigger platforms, bigger venues. But I was not allowing myself all of this. I was terrified to stand up in front of people and voice my truth — even though I knew this was my destiny.” Leymah Gbowee

The power of voice ... breaking the pattern of voicelessness.

Silence is a violent tool that controls our ability to organize worlds that we imagine, believe in and feel liberated by.

Recalling that these systems thrive on building and maintaining homogeneity...the violence of silencing difference...the violence of pushing anyone who dissents back into a corner ... to maintain the status quo ... which demands our silence is key.

Today do something that you have wanted to do, but have been held back from doing  because you were concerned about what people might think — this will build your courage, your instinct around when you need to speak up or act, and empower you with a taste of what the power of your voice can move in the world.

💖 Love and Respect,
Jodie & Kelly

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