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21 Days to Love: Day 2


On this, the 2nd of 21 days that ends just before Valentine’s Day, take the time to begin this journey by choosing someone who will share it with you.  

Because we cannot see ourselves, our own story of what’s happening is not always reliable.

Having at least two reflections broadens our capacity to see and learn.  

How do we choose the appropriate person to share this journey with?

Do we ever really take the time to feel, reflect, smell and prepare our environment for sharing love?

Reflect on your thoughts as you choose.  

What values underlie your choice?

Be mindful in your choice.

We are co-creating this world.

This is an exploration, an honesty, and availability that will interrupt war economy’s hold, which tells us to “deal with it,” and harden our hearts through even the darkest times, on our own.

Let them know you are exploring the violence that has influenced the availability of your heart so it can be in its fullness on the day we celebrate love, Valentine's Day. 

Our capacity to slow down, listen, and choose sets a vibration and a commitment that has power.

What did you learn in your choosing?

💖 Love and Respect,
Kelly & Jodie

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