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21 Days to Love: Day 17



The war economy wins as it separates us from the sacredness and beauty of our bodies.

We internalize shame and silence around our bodies, as they are shamed daily to sell us more things we don’t need. This shows up in how we hide, diminish and attempt to ignore the functions that support life, longevity, and health.

This shows up in how we fail to recognize whether our bodies are thriving or dying.

Shame creates a violence. It manifests as a loathing, and preempts us from truly being in our bodies with reverence, loving our bodies and being connected to the miracles that our bodies and their complex systems organize every day. It sets us up as easy prey for the myriad dis-eases that arise when we don’t nourish the conditions conducive for life.

Today practice being in love with your body and in love with the miracle all bodies are. Practice having gratitude for your bodily functions. All of them.

Witness your body as precious; not something to hide, be ashamed of, embarrassed about or in need of covering up, but to be celebrated and nourished.

Share your experiences with your community. If we are doing this with our own bodies, what is our relationship to the bodies of others?

Let us know what you discovered.

💖 Love and Respect,
Jodie & Kelly

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