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21 Days to Love: Day 1


Dear Friends,

Welcome to this adventure.

Welcome to 21 days of Love.

Because we want to deliver you to Valentine’s Day with an open heart that is full of love, we are going to talk about violence as a form of opening the heart.

Together, we will work to discover the violence that has closed our hearts; collaborated to make them feel unsafe, unavailable for the full flourishing for which they are designed.   

In an attempt to unravel the tight weave that holds the war economy together, and illustrate that a huge facet of the war economy is violence, for the next 21 days we will highlight the many ways in which we participate in perpetuating a violent culture and society.

As with most things external to us, violence can affect us both internally and externally. To reproduce itself, the war economy requires us to internalize much of this violence.  And so the vicious cycle continues, as our internalized violence colludes to create external violence ... within relationships, community ... and ourselves.

Peace begins within us. 


Often times, to understand ourselves, we need to be in a relationship with another because, in the end, we relate to others in very much the same way as we relate to ourselves.

However, it can sometimes be a challenge to be conscious of how we treat ourselves, how we speak to ourselves because one of the ways this pattern of violence is continued is by embedding itself into our subconscious so we are not even aware of it.

However, when we are engaging with another person, the other person becomes an external witness, perhaps catching what our consciousness cannot on its own.

Let us know if this resonates.

💖 Love and Respect,
Kelly & Jodie

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