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21 Days of Giving Peace: Day 11

Dear Friend,

The gift of touch.

Yesterday we explored hugging and how it can be a ‘love drug’ and certainly hugging is touching, but today lets explore the gift of simple touch.

Take the time to be in yourself with presence and intention
(see 21 days of Mindfulness).

After settling into yourself, feel into who you want to be connected to.  
Where might you feel separate from someone.
When we explore the affects of the war economy on our communities, that might be a community you would like to be more connected to.

Invite another to hold hands, or to take their arm or offer a shoulder massage. Always checking for the comfort of the receiver, this slows us down and creates connection. Connection is what the war economy wants to destroy and an area we want to give our time to growing.

The war economy thrives on alienation, touch is the gift of connection.  
The connection between the giver and the receiver expands us to feeling the connection to all things.  Stay present for the flow of that touch back to you. 

What did you learn, share what you learned with friends and invite them to explore the gift of touch.  

💖 Love and Respect,

Kelly Curry
CODEPINK Local Peace Economy Organizer