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Arm In Arm for Climate Mass Mobilization

The window to meet the scale of the climate crisis is closing. Millions have already been impacted by climate change. In order to reach MASS ESCALATION in 2022, we need to come together and get trained on the plan and take it back to our communities!

The future is coming #ByDisasterOrDesign. We can passively accept this fate, or we can join together and take back our power. If we so choose, our best days are ahead.

Register and attend the Arm in Arm National Assembly to build relationships across the universe and build up your escalation skills! Your voice and your presence is a critical piece to our communities igniting a transformational era that ends the climate crisis centering racial and economic justice.

Everybody deserves clean air, clean water, and a healthy food supply. Everybody deserves a stable home, decent work, and a livable future. But right now, the people and places we love are being torn apart and brutalized by the chaos of climate instability. Every generation alive today has witnessed the harrowing effects of climate change. Our window of opportunity to end the crisis is closing.

Arm in Arm is organizing our community to ignite a transformational era that ends the climate crisis by centering on racial and economic justice. Donate here to help Arm in Arm meet its fundraising goal!

Buses will be going to Birmingham from various cities. We will follow up after signing up to help coordinate transportation and lodging.

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Birmingham, AL
Birmingham, AL, United States,

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