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Cuba in the Present Hour

"CUBA IN THE PRESENT HOUR" join us for a day of reflection and dialogue on the challenges faced by Cuban in the present circumstances. 

For this first session (August 17th, 2 pm ET), entitled "Trending Topic #Cuba: what happened?" panelists Rosa Miriam Elizalde, 1st Vice President of the Union of Journalists of Cuba (Cuba); Pedro Santander Molina, professor at the Pontifical Catholic University of Valparaíso (Chile); José Ernesto Nováez, coordinator of the Cuban Chapter of the Network in Defense of Humanity (Cuba); Helen Yaffe, Professor at the University of Glasgow (UK); Txema Sánchez, communicator of TECs "Tertulias en Cuarentena" and member of the Network in Defense of Humanity (Spain) will explain the events that occurred on July 11, their background, causes, and instigators of the political operation against the Cuban Revolution. 

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