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Fund Communities Not War Street Action AG

Congress passed a $768 billion military spending bill this year, yet when it comes to REAL relief for the people and planet, it's "HoW dO We PaY FoR iT?"

Real people need real relief, not empty promises and unmet needs. While it's still the compromise, there are elements of Build Back Better that ensure support for our families and our environment. On January 31, we will join ShutdownDC, SPACES in Action, Arm In Arm for Climate and more to create a vision for the society we aim to be a part of – one that includes support for families, healthcare for all, a sustainable environment, and much more. And we’ll be doing it in the middle of a downtown street!

That’s not all – we'll then hold accountable the powerful actors who are blocking progress on the people’s agenda. Join us!




Email [email protected] for more details
Black Lives Matter Plaza, Washington, DC, United States,

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Olivia DiNucci ·

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