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Tuesday, August 16 Capitol Calling Party: The 2023 Military Budget – Plutonium & Proxies


On Tuesday, August 16, join CODEPINK Congress and Massachusetts Peace Action for a Capitol Calling Party where we examine the massive 2023 military budget and all that entails.

Let's mobilize opposition before the Senate votes this fall on an $858 billion military budget. That’s $45 billion more than President Biden requested & $100 billion more than Trump’s military budget. What’s in this behemoth? Plenty of give-aways to military contractors –$$$ for new nuclear warheads, new plutonium pits – $$$ for more F-35’s, $$$ for more weapons to Ukraine and $$$ for Israel’s Iron Dome. Also tucked into the NDAA is expansion of the use of foreign proxies and mercenaries against Iran, North Korea, Russia and China.

Dive into the nitty gritty to analyze the 2023 military budget -- the top line, the line-items, the amendments -- with CODEPINK special guests.


Lindsay Koshgarian is the Program Director of the National Priorities Project, where she focuses on military spending. Prior to joining NPP in 2014, Lindsay was a researcher at the University of Massachusetts Donahue Institute, where she conducted state and regional economic development studies. She holds a Master of Public Policy from UCLA and a BA in Physics from the University of Pennsylvania.

Ashik Siddique is a research analyst for the National Priorities Project. Prior to joining NPP, Ashik was the research and digital communications lead of The Climate Mobilization, and worked for several years as a research coordinator of a study on PTSD in combat veterans of Iraq and Afghanistan at the Bronx VA Medical Center.

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