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Stand with Daniel Hale at Beale AFB

“When exposing a crime is treated as committing a crime, you are being ruled by criminals!” - Edward Snowden

Join us for one or both actions in solidarity with Hale's sentencing Tuesday, July 27th!

Daniel risked his safety so that Americans could know the atrocious crimes against humanity inherent in the U.S. Drone Assassination Program…..He now faces up to 10 year sentence for telling the truth! We will be demonstrating at Beale Air Force Base near Marysville, CA, home of the Global Hawk Drone, in support of Daniel Hale's freedom.

Hundreds of military folks drive into/out of the base every day.  Leaflets will be offered to educate the military about Daniel Hale.  We’ll have signs and banners to hold, or bring your own!

Morning Commute Schedule:

6AM - 8AM: Wheatland Gate @ South Beale Rd. & Ostrom Rd. 

  • Nonviolent is direct action is planned! Voluntary civil resistance
  • Support after action is desired as well!

Optional Group Breakfast:

  • We will meet at Marysville Cafe after the morning vigil.
  • We will also have a swim at the Yuba River. Beautiful park with shade along the river.  Bring swim suit!

Afternoon Communute Schedule:

3PM - 5PM: Doolittle Gate @ Hammonton-Smartville Rd. & Doolittle Dr, north side of base)

  • Vigil
  • Demonstration
  • Leafletting

*Monday Night Camp*

  • Join some of who will be driving up Monday night and camping and/or staying in hotel.   
  • Let us know if you would like to join us at Peace Camp - nex to Beale main gate.

For More Info & Carpooling Options Contact:

Can we count you in?




Beale Gate Air Force Base
17801 Warren Shingle Blvd, Yuba, CA 95901, United States,

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