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China and Climate Change: Webinar and Documentary Screening

Climate change is a threat to all of us but how countries choose to respond to it differs greatly. What is China doing in this respect?

Join CODEPINK and a US-China People's Friendship Association - New England for a webinar on China and Climate change. We will watch A Green Life, a 30-min CGTN
 documentary on China, afforestation and green development. It describes China's different efforts towards carbon neutrality, such as afforestation in Inner Mongolia, provincial carbon trading markets, manufacture of electric buses, circular agriculture and low carbon buildings.  

Then Jason Wang, a member of the national board of the US-China Peoples Friendship Association, will tell us about China's goals and measures for low carbon development. Jason has served with the Chicago Climate Exchange and was managing director of China Carbon Corporation, consulting on low carbon development strategy.

Both presentations will be followed by a discussion involving the Zoom audience.

Sponsored by US-China Peoples Friendship Association -- New England.  Endorsed by CODEPINK





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