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Tuesday, April 12 Capitol Calling Party: Ukraine & Beyond: A Fossil Free Future

Tuesday, April 12 Capitol Calling Party: Ukraine & Beyond: A Fossil Free Future

On Tuesday, April 12, join CODEPINK Congress & Massachusetts Peace Action for a special additional Capitol Calling Party: Ukraine & Beyond: a Fossil Free Future.

In the wake of Russia’s horrific invasion of Ukraine, the Biden administration is doubling down on domestic fossil fuel production while appealing to Saudi Arabia's oil-rich autocrats to increase exports of fossil fuels. This is wrong and short-sighted. Now is the time to divert money for weapons to transition to a green economy!

Learn about bills introduced by Senator Bernie Sanders and Rep Cori Bush to invoke the Defense Production Act (DPA) to invest in renewables like wind and solar, as well as legislation for a Green New Deal for Cities. Meet a Greenpeace climate organizer mobilizing activists to demand executive orders and administrative actions urgently needed to thwart the climate crisis.

*Note: By RSVPing to this event, you are signing up to join the CODEPINK AND either Massachusetts Peace Action or your local Peace Action affiliate's email list

Featured Guests:

Aya Saed is Rep. Cori Bush’s Counsel and Policy Advisor working on peace conversion. Born in Saudi Arabia to Sudanese parents, Aya Saed migrated in 2000 to escape political turmoil at home. Inspired by youth-led protest movements in the US and abroad, Aya spent two summers curating technologies for activists during the Arab-Spring protests as a Google intern. She helped to launch the Speak2Tweet product in 2012, which allowed protesters across Sudan and Ethiopia to tweet using their analog phones despite sporadic Internet connectivity.

Matt Duss is the foreign policy advisor for Senator Bernie Sanders working on S. 938, a bill to redirect part of our military budget to transition to a green economy. Past President for the Foundation of Middle East Peace, Duss has written for the New York Times, Washington Post, Los Angeles Times, the Nation and the American Prospect.

Seth Laxman (he/him/his) is a Climate Campaigner with Greenpeace USA and a transgender rights activist. Based on Lenape-Canarsie lands, aka Brooklyn, Seth Laxman will connect the dots between demilitarization and decarbonization.

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