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Chase & BlackRock: Stop Fueling Climate Chaos Rally

(Photo credit: Erik McGregor)
Rally with activists and organizations on March 3rd to urge JP Morgan Chase bank and BlackRock to stop fueling the climate crisis. Chase and Blackrock are the world's largest funders of climate chaos; they invest hundreds of billions of dollars into the fossil fuels that pollute the air, cook the planet, and displace Indigenous communities. We will urge them to #StopTheMoneyPipeline.
We'll first rally at 2pm at Blackrock headquarters at 45 East 51st Street in Manhattan. At around 2:30pm, we'll march 4 blocks south to JP Morgan Chase headquarters at 47th and Vanderbilt to rally there.
Join us! MASKS required. Physical distancing encouraged.
Further Context:
In recent months, Chase and BlackRock have attempted to appease activist and public pressure with climate announcements. But the plans they've laid out are terribly vague and dangerously inadequate. And ultimately, actions continue to fuel climate destruction.
We urge Chase and BlackRock to stop financing and investing in all fossil fuels and human rights violations. Particularly, this includes immediately halting financial support for all coal, tar sands oil, and companies fueling Amazon fires and those violating Indigenous sovereignty (like the #StopLine3 fight).
Join us for a hard hitting action on March 3rd to send a clear message that these companies must #StopTheMoneyPipeline. #BLKBigProblem #StopLine3 
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