Tell Congress to UNBLOCK CUBA!

This is exciting and we must act fast: We have a rare chance to hold — and win — two historic votes in the Congressional House of Representatives rolling back parts of U.S. sanctions on Cuba on food, medicines, and remittances (see explanation below). These are amendments to a spending bill that will be voted on this Tuesday, and we need Rep. McGovern, who is head of the Rules Committee, to allow these amendments to go to the floor for a vote. 

Dear Congressman McGovern,

We are very thankful for the work you have done over the years to try to stop the brutal blockade of Cuba, including your support for the great advances made during the Obama administration. It is so unfortunate that these gains were erased by the Trump administration, and that the blockade has been further tightened. During a pandemic, this is truly unconscionable. 

That’s why we are so excited that Congress has the chance to vote on Congressman Bobby Rush’s amendments to the Financial Services and General Government (FSGG) section of the minibus spending bill. These amendments would prohibit the use of funds to enforce sanctions related to selling, delivering, transporting or providing food and medicine, as well as the ability to enforce caps on family remittances to Cuba. 

We see this as an important small step to create momentum that will lead us to defeat the blockade for once and for all. That is why we are so hopeful that you, in your capacity as head of the Rules Committee, will help bring these amendments to the floor. 


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