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Tell Congress: Instead of Nuclear Drills, Support Ceasefire in Ukraine!

If you live outside the US, sign our petition to US, NATO & EU leaders instead.

Tell your Congress member to make a public statement in support of a ceasefire and diplomatic settlement to the war in Ukraine. Urge your Rep to vote against more weapons that fan the flames of war.

President Biden warns that we’ve never been closer to nuclear war since the Cuban Missile Crisis. Yet he refuses to meet with Russia’s President Vladimir Putin to avert a nuclear catastrophe in Ukraine. Instead, he demands US participation in NATO’s mock nuclear strikes against Russia. 

In a two-week-long military drill, the US and 13 other NATO countries will fly F-35s and B-52 nuclear bombers, albeit without live weapons, over Belgium, the North Sea and the United Kingdom, in a dangerous and provocative dress rehearsal for a nuclear attack on Russia.

This is madness, particularly in light of Putin’s remarks that he reserves the option to use every weapon in his arsenal to defend Russia.

We do not have to sleepwalk into endless war or worse–a nuclear war with Russia. 

Email your Congress members to demand that Biden call off the nuclear drills, meet with Putin and support a ceasefire in Ukraine. Tell your Rep to vote no on future weapons for Ukraine. Diplomacy, not war is the answer.