The purpose of AIPAC-sponsored trips is to whitewash Israel’s human rights violations and continue unchecked U.S. financial and diplomatic support for Israel — all at the expense of Palestinian rights.

Whatever the reason — opposing AIPAC's agenda, not taking PAC money, not traveling this year, scheduling issues — the fewer Congress members that travel with AIPAC, the better odds for peace in Israel/Palestine and with Iran. 

Three actions to take:

  1. Use the CALL CONGRESS tab below if you are a constituent of one of the freshmen Democrats planning to travel with AIPAC Reps. Cisneros, Davids, Dean, Delgado, Fletcher, Garcia, Haaland, Katie Hill, Mike Levin, McAdams, McBath, Morelle, Pappas, Rose, Rouda, Shalala, Stanton, Haley Stevens, Trahan, Wild, Trone, Wild— or one of the freshmen Democrats who are undecided (see the full list here)
  2. Use the EMAIL CONGRESS tab below to send emails now all freshmen Democrats: to thank those who are skipping the AIPAC trip and appeal to the freshmen Dems who are traveling with AIPAC or are undecided.
  3. Tweet at all the freshmen Democrats in the Congressional Progressive Caucus planning to, or undecided about, traveling this August to Israel with AIPAC. Use the TWEET @CONGRESS tab below to tell them: you can't be progressive and not support Palestinian rights!

See the full list here of freshmen Dems going to Israel with AIPAC, undecided, and skipping the trip. 


Please check your e-mail for a link to activate your account.
  • Margery Hanson
    commented 2019-07-10 12:16:00 -0400
    I’m a firm believer in being self supporting through my own contributions and diplomacy first. Americans do NOT need to financially support a country that’s already armed to the teeth, with American weaponry and committing Human Rights Violations. #SkipTheTrip
  • Jodee Scott-Fyfe
    commented 2019-07-02 12:52:21 -0400
    Skip the trip. It is a true interference of our country and it’s best interest. Israel is not a democracy. It is an evil, apartied state that violates human rights daily
    We should also stop sending them millions of our tax dollars!
    They have free health care and college education at our expense!
    Time to focus in America!
  • Walter Heublein
    commented 2019-06-28 18:40:04 -0400 · Flag
    Stop trip to Israel & my reason why using bible scripture
    ROMANS 2:28, 29 For you are not a true Jew because U have gone through the ceremony circumcision. No, a true Jew is ones whose heart is right with God, and true circumcision is not merely obeying the letter of the law of; rather it is a change of heart produced by Gods spirit. And a person with a change of heart seeks praise from God, not from people.
    Murder is not a right heart. The Jews are killing the Palestine’s.
    Scripture Facts why American lost It’s blessed for supporting Israel. These Jews in Israel through AIPAC are swindling billions of our taxpaying dollars every year for the claimed state of Israel.
    AIPAC America Israel Public Affairs Committee is full of lies. We do not need Israel to protect us. We have our own military. We have no business involved in conflicts these Jews are always starting with non-Jewish states.
    AIPAC is stealing over 3 billion dollars of Americans taxpayers money every year for Israel, and it must come to a stop. America is being punished by God for supporting Israel
    The Jews threw the first punch at Palestine in 1948 just after the United Nations give Israel the land. The Jews then stabbed Palestine in the back. The hearts of these murdering, swindling Jews in Israel is not right with God. God will give the true Jews the land in Gods time, not the Jews time. The Jews are killing people with American’s money, and we are being punished for it as written in bible scripture.

    2 CHRONICLES 19:2 And Jehu the son of Hanani the seer went out to meet him, and said to king Jehoshaphat, Shouldest thou help the ungodly, and love them that hate the Lord? Therefore is wrath upon thee from before the Lord.

    Murder has been committed by the Jews aimed at the people in Palestine. Do these Jews claim to live in the old testament scripture? These Jews are of Satin, not of YHWH God. They don’t follow scripture in the new testament in their Synagogues they speak blaspheme on our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ in the book called Jesus in the Talmud.
    America’s blessings are lost. Our corrupt leaders are supporting the Jewish murders killing their neighbor. Israel is booming their neighbors, the American Government constantly supports Israel through AIPAC. Israel is living high on the cow and the money is not Kosher, off our taxpaying dollar as we are lied to from the Prime Minister of Israel Benjamin Netanyahu who never shows receipts on what the Americans taxpaying dollar was applied to. Besides buying weapons of war to kill their neighbors, they are also building fancy mansions with swimming pools on Americans taxpaying dollar. We are being lied to. Google it. Benjamin Netanyahu also said Israel will not explain to the United State what Israel is doing. The Jews take our money then tell us to mind our own business.
    ACTS 17:11 We need to examine all things to make sure we are not being lead astray.
    Israel is not our support, we have our own military, our government leaders are corrupt, we are being lied to, the Muslim’s want to kill us for supporting Israel. Terroristic attacks will continue unless we stop giving Israel, and end AIPAC.

    PROVERBS 25:26 If the Godly give to the wicked, it’s like polluting a fountain or muddying a spring. The United States is now full of pollution.

    Notice how the inner structure of the United States is in desperate need of repairs. Roads, building, parks, schools, etc, etc. Being punished by God? All the wicked things happening. Murders, drugs, prostitution sexual immorality homosexual acts is defiling the land, impurity, lustful pleasures, idolatry, sorcery psychic hotline, witchcraft casting spells, hostility, quarreling, jealousy, outbursts of anger, selfish ambition, dissension, division, envy, drunkenness, wild parties, wife swapping, etc. Read all of GALATIANS chapter 5

    Read 2 CHRONICLES 19:2 Kill Israel and all other countries supply lines of hard cash. Only ship food, clothing, some building materials, etc. This way they can’t buy weapons of war. Then these Jews in Israel will start to beg for mercy. These Jews will see what it feels like when the shoe is on the other foot. Stop funding them.
  • Matthew Harris
    commented 2019-06-26 14:59:18 -0400
    How can Debra Haaland support AIPAC? Does she not realize the similarities between the treatment of Native Americans by the U.S. Government and the treatment of Palestinians by the Israeli Government?
  • Sergio Atallah
    commented 2019-06-23 17:33:57 -0400 · Flag
    There are better ways to demonstrate solidarity to the Jewish people than pledging allegiance to an organization that drives the occupation of Palestinian land and subjugation of the Palestinian people.
  • Prof. Andrew Paul Gutierrez
    commented 2019-06-22 22:14:46 -0400
    Too bad some congress folks are more interested in the benjamins for re-election than the ethics of being pawns of apartheid Israel and its American lobbies. AIPAC just keeps our houses of ill repute in line — Israel can do no wrong even as it continues to commit crimes against humanity — e.g., the sniper killing and maiming at the GAZA fence, Jim Crow Laws, stealing more land, etc. Ethics I guess are a handicap if your are a politician in the USA.
  • Anna Ungaro
    followed this page 2019-06-21 16:30:57 -0400
  • Albert R Sonntag
    commented 2019-06-21 12:25:35 -0400 · Flag
    How is a trip to that awful racist apartheid State justified in light of the needs and values of U.S. Citizens? Stay away!
  • Albert R Sonntag
    commented 2019-06-21 12:25:35 -0400
    How is a trip to that awful racist apartheid State justified in light of the needs and values of U.S. Citizens? Stay away!
  • Mark Shiblaq
    commented 2019-06-20 14:46:09 -0400
    Freshman lawmakers; You have a responsibility to become the equalizers in a
    Government that is easily swayed by PACS and special interest groups. Do the right thing and uphold the office you were democratically elected to: Serve your constituents and your country by fighting for the rights of those that have no rights, no financial influence and are at the mercy and rules that the Israeli governments bestows upon them.
  • Billy Angus
    commented 2019-06-20 00:39:19 -0400 · Flag
    To GROUP C:
    Thank you so much for listening to the people
    against the Apartheid dictatorship and NOT going to Israel.
    Keep up the great work for the noble causes of freedom, justice,
    AND human rights.
    A thousand blessings upon you.

    To GROUP B:
    Do the right thing and BOYCOTT Israel until the
    Apartheid dictatorship is no longer in power.

    To GROUP A:
    Woe unto thee for betraying the American people
    and other like-minded peoples of the planet Earth
    by turning your backs on human rights,
    to appease the right-wing Zealots of Israel’s, apartheid regime
    and other ruthless dictators of other nations!!
    May you be haunted and cursed with SHAME unless you
    REPENT and change your ways!!
  • Zaheerah Aleem
    commented 2019-06-19 22:54:05 -0400 · Flag
    Apartheid Israel should not be supported. Treat the Zionist state just as we treated South Africa until it changes it behavior.
  • 🇨🇺MarxistOutlaw
    commented 2019-06-19 15:27:07 -0400
    Right thing to do.
  • Mahmood Jaludi
    commented 2019-06-19 11:15:18 -0400
  • john sweeney
    commented 2019-06-19 09:34:20 -0400
    How many of YOUR/America’s $4+BILLION in WELFARE given to Israel every year comes back to America in the form of BRIBES to “american” politicians? Traitors voting to give Israel MORE, so they can get bigger BRIBES.
    Note they NEVER go to Palestinian areas - NO BRIBES.
  • Mike Painton
    commented 2019-06-19 08:38:57 -0400
    Allegiance to murder and torture is vile and unacceptable. Israel and AIPAC must be stopped. Hound the POLS that are going with e-mails. This backing of Israel and Saudi Arabia MUST stop. Oil and money are very powerful. The POLS that are going have no conscience.
  • Melissa Schmidt
    followed this page 2019-06-19 08:19:33 -0400
  • Mary Saunders
    commented 2019-06-19 07:42:23 -0400 · Flag
    How does a human being support the deliberate murder of children? Do you know of the four boys shot on the beach while playing soccer, even before the horrific recent shootings of men, women, and children on their supposedly own land? The money that supports this bribery is the dirtiest money on the planet. Quit the trip. In the name of all kindness.
  • Frank Blankenship Bacharach
    commented 2019-06-18 23:16:25 -0400
    Since what israel has been doing since 1947 is the same as what hitler and the original Nzis were doing (namely systematically torturing, imprisoning, and genocidally killing people in order to steal all their property) – then the people who are accepting israel’s *
    invitation (coercion / blackmail) would also have just as readily accepted the other war criminal’s (hitler’s) invitation … had he been as deviously clever as the zion-Nzis.

    *(yes – AiPAC IS israel …. AiPAC is an ILLEGAL, FOREIGN (israeli) POLITICAL ACTION CELL ……… [wink-wink ‘parading as a public affairs committee] WITHIN BLOCKS OF THE WHITE HOUSE AND CAPITOL COMPLEX … there for the purpose of using LAUNDERED US TAX DOLLAR AID MONEY to buy, influence, and manipulate dirty politician$ (using its literally thousands of ’campaign contributing’ FUNCTIONARIE$ and so-called ‘mega-donors’ like rothschild mafia money-launderer-in-chief s. (for scumbag) adleson (Vegas). Don’t forget – the jews are only a little over ONE PERCENT of the US population (and since a secret number of them claim DUAL citizenship … that means that they put israel OVER the US when it comes to allegiance / loyalty). NO PATRIOT WHOSE ALLEGIANCE IS REALLY, AND FULLY TO THE UNITED STATES OF AMERICA WOULD EVER ALLOW THAT LOYALTY, PATRIOTISM, AND ALLEGIANCE TO BE COMPROMISED BY SO-CALLED ’DUAL CITIZENSHIP.

    REJECT APARTHEID / WAR CRIMINAL israel’s MANIPULATION. BUY A TICKET TO PALESTINE TO SEE THE TRUTH …. OOPS, I FORGOT …. YOU CAN’T …. israel FORBIDS IT !!!!! (No one can enter OR LEAVE the defacto Concentration Camps of Gaza and the West Bank without israel’s express PERMISSION). Go ahead – try it without their ‘permission’ … I dare you !
  • Mona Seredin
    commented 2019-06-18 22:56:58 -0400 · Flag
    Skip the trip for the sake of justice and freedom. Reject Israel’s apartheid until they behave properly towards the Palestinians. Just like we did with apartheid South Africa before!
  • Sucy Varughese
    commented 2019-06-18 21:12:05 -0400
    Choose JUSTICE and FREEDOM for all, reject Israel’s brutal racist APARTHEID regime and have the moral courage to SKIP THE TRIP.
  • Gracie Ann Jablonowski
    commented 2019-06-18 20:58:37 -0400
  • Theresa Peters
    followed this page 2019-06-18 19:36:04 -0400
  • Pat Porter
    followed this page 2019-06-18 19:19:56 -0400
  • Sue Saunders
    commented 2019-06-18 18:14:14 -0400
    Skip the racist trip.
  • Gladwyn d'Souza
    commented 2019-06-18 18:08:31 -0400 · Flag
    Congratulations on winning and internationalizing the NBA in an era of border walls and concentration camps.
  • neysha sima
    commented 2019-06-18 17:22:49 -0400
    “Today, the International Association of Democratic Lawyers presented a petition from the International Lawyers Campaign for the Investigation and Prosecution of Crimes Committed Against the Palestinian People to Fatou Bensouda, chief prosecutor of the ICC. The petition urges Bensouda to initiate a full investigation and prosecute violations of international humanitarian law and international human rights law committed by Israeli officials in the Occupied Palestinian Territories. The petition has garnered the support of tens of thousands of lawyers worldwide.”

    “The lawyers’ petition was inspired by the International Association of Democratic Lawyers’ previous international call for lawyers to support the campaign to free Nelson Mandela in the 1980s. Just as that campaign “proved to be for those living under Apartheid in South Africa,” the current petition “is an essential first step in securing equal justice under law” for the Palestinian people”

    “The petition condemns “the unimaginable atrocities that have been committed and continue to be committed by Israel against Palestinian civilians which deeply shock the conscience of humanity.”” source: By Marjorie Cohen Pub. March 29, 2019 Part of the Truthout Series- Human Rights and Global Wrongs Marjorie Cohn is professor emerita at Thomas Jefferson School of Law, former president of the National Lawyers Guild, deputy secretary general of the International Association of Democratic Lawyers and a member of the advisory board of Veterans for Peace
  • Imad Aliroud
    commented 2019-06-18 17:17:27 -0400 · Flag
    Justice keeps states . Injustice destroys them .
  • charles bowman
    commented 2019-06-18 17:13:32 -0400 · Flag
    Thank you for opposing AIPAC and making Americans aware of it’s debilitating hold on many of our easily purchased Congress!
  • Dr.Steven Sallie
    commented 2019-06-18 16:51:45 -0400 · Flag
    Don’t be disgusting Zionist Israel lackeys.