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Episode 172: On the Ground at COP27: A Roundup

A Roundup: This week, Nancy Mancias, CODEPINK's campaign organizer, is discussing her experience at COP27 in Sharm el-Sheikh, Egypt. We are hearing about Nancy's first impressions, and challenges and opportunities at this year's United Nations Climate Change conference. A little bonus at the end of our show: economist Jeffrey Sachs will talk about the possibility of an alternative global currency through BRICS.

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Episode 171: The Midterms & US Foreign Policy

In this episode of CODEPINK Radio, we focus on the midterm elections and their potential impact on US foreign policy in Europe and the Middle East. In the first half of our program, CODEPINK Congress host Marcy Winograd talks with guests Phyllis Bennis, a fellow at the Institute for Policy Studies, Scott Horton, editorial director of and Erik Sperling, executive director ofJust Foreign Policy. In the second half of our show, author Jeffrey Sachs, a former economic advisor to Russia, proposes a diplomatic solution to the war in Ukraine.

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Episode 170: Solidarity with Cuba, Opposition to NATO & Cheers for The Golden Rule Sailboat

Episode 170: Solidarity with Cuba, Opposition to NATO & Cheers for The Golden Rule Sailboat: In this episode Marcy Winograd, coordinator of CODEPINK Congress, interviews her co-host Medea Benjamin on Medea's recent solidarity trip to Cuba and post midterm election prospects for lifting sanctions on the island nation Next, Tamara Lorincz of the Women's International League for Peace and Freedom challenges NATO as an offensive alliance that threatens world peace, and finally we hear from Helen Jacard and Gerry Condon of Veterans for Peace on The Golden Rule, an anti-nuclear sailboat journey to promote the Treaty on the Prohibition of Nuclear Weapons.

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Episode 169: COP27 in a Police State

The COP27 UN Climate meeting is happening in Sharm el-Sheikh, Egypt, now: November 6 to November 18, 2022. A climate summit is more urgent than ever. So, why are activists across the world protesting it? Join CODEPINK radio and special guests, including Sharif Abdel Kouddous and Mohamed Ismail, for an important conversation on COP27 - who is participating, where it’s happening, what is being discussed, and what isn’t.

Episode 167: Report Back From Palestine: Young Palestinian Voices

This week we are joined by Palestinian organizers Nour, Rifqa, and Alexis who are reporting back from their recent trip to Palestine. We discuss their tour of Lifta, a village destroyed by the Zionist forces during the Nakba. They compare and contrast occupation from Ramallah to Haifa, and discuss what people in the US should be doing.

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Episode 166: End the War in Ukraine & Avert Nuclear Catastrophe

"Co-authors Medea Benjamin and Nicolas J.S. Davies discuss their new book, "War in Ukraine: Making Sense of a Senseless Conflict" on Democracy Now and CODEPINK Congress, followed by interviews with World Beyond War's Alice Slater on NATO vs. the Treaty on the Prohibition of Nuclear Weapons and RootsAction's Norman Soloman on the Defuse Nuclear War Campaign."

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Episode 165: Disrupting Debt, Defusing Nukes

In this episode we hear from whistleblower Daniel Ellsberg on the importance of defusing nuclear war as we come up on the 60th anniversary of the Cuban Missile Crisis. Later, we hear from the Institute for Policy Studies' Basav Sen discuss the IMF and World Bank's questionable efforts on climate change as activists from throughout the Global North and South hold a week of action outside of the financial institutions' annual fall meetings in Washington, DC.

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Episode 164: Celebrating Indigenous Voices: Struggle and Resilience Across the World

In this episode, Indigenous voices across the world are sharing their stories of struggle and resilience in the face of militarism and war economy. We are hearing from Julian Aguon of Chamorro about the militarization of Guam, Matias Benno Rempel from the Conselho Indigenista Missionario about Brazil's presidential election, and Tara Houska of Couchiching about the process of grief and resilience.

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Episode 163: What's happening with Afghanistan's funds?

In this episode, Medea Benjamin and Hadiya Afzal of Unfreeze Afghanistan explain the Biden administration’s recent move to create a $3.5 billion fund "Afghan Fund" through a Swiss bank, and what it means for Afghanistan's economy and resources. We are also joined by Marcy Winograd, who updates us on the state of the war in Ukraine and how the peace movement is responding.

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Episode 161: Ukraine: Role-Playing Peace Conversations & Challenging Post-Soviet Privatization

Marcy Winograd, host of CODEPINK Congress, role-plays with co-host Hanieh Jodat how to talk about achieving a diplomatic peace in Ukraine. On the second half of our show, she shares a webinar featuring anit-war feminist voices in Ukraine and Georgia who challenge neo-liberal privatization schemes and envision a worker-center society in their post Soviet states. The webinar was sponsored by the international committee of Democratic Socialists of America and co-sponsored by CODEPINK and World Beyond War.

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Episode 160: Climate Emergency in Pakistan, Airstrikes on Civilians in Iraq

In this episode, we hear from Shehrbano Jamali, a Global Shaper with the World Economic Forum working on flood relief efforts on the ground in Pakistan after unprecedented flooding has left a third of the country underwater. We are also joined by CODEPINK's own Nancy Mancias to discuss her work with the End Cross Border Bombing Campaign and its recent report on civilian impacts of Turkish airstrikes in Iraq.

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Episode 159: The Foreign Policy of Lawfare and Aggression

In this episode, we are joined by Venezuela's Vice Minister for North America, Carlos Ron to discuss the illegal seizing of a Venezuelan plane, which by U.S. orders has been grounded in Argentina since June. We then talk to Rev. Chris Ferguson about the absurdity and inhumanity of U.S. policy towards Cuba, specially when it comes to its designation as a State Sponsor of Terrorism. Cuba is currently hosting peace talks between the ELN guerrilla group and the Colombian government and its designation has made this process more challenging. We will also hear excerpts from WTF is going on in Latin America: Argentina's Vice President Faces a "Media-Judicial Firing Squad"

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Episode 158: War Resisters on Ukraine, Assange & Pelosi

On this episode, Marcy Winograd Interviews Bert Knorr of the International Committee of Democratic Socialists of America about the Peace In Ukraine Coalition, which also includes CODEPINK and Veterans for Peace. Learn about the coalition's call for a ceasefire in Ukraine and their Week of Action September 12-15. Their mantra? Billions for climate, health care and housing--not more weapons to escalate a US proxy war! Next, Marcy takes us to a press conference where lawyers for imprisoned whistleblower Julian Assange demand the US government drop extradition orders in light of the CIA's illegal spying at the Ecuadorian embassy. From spying to war games to anti-war protests, CODEPINK Radio zeroes in on the Center for a New American Security gaming for a war with China and the push-back from war resisters protesting House speaker Nancy Pelosi's trip to Taiwan.

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Episode 147: Two mass mobilizations: The People’s Summit in LA & The Mass Poor People’s Assembly & Moral March on Washington

Episode 147: Two mass mobilizations: The People’s Summit in LA (a counter to the Summit of the Americas) and The Mass Poor People’s Assembly and Moral March on Washington

Episode 106: The Power of the Congressional Progressive Caucus & the Link Between Militarism and the Climate Crisis

In this episode, Marcy Winograd, coordinator of CODEPINK Congress, features Congresswoman Pramila Jayapal (D-WA), Chair of the 94-member Congressional Progressive...
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Episode 50: China Is Not Our Enemy: Honoring Hiroshima and Nagasaki of 1934 - How To Stop The Next Cold War

Jodie Evans, CODEPINK’s co-founder, is joined by Margaret Kimberley, author and activist from Black Agenda Report, and Tobita Chow, of Justice Is Global in conversations on how...
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