Get PUMA out of illegal Israeli settlements!

PUMA is the main sponsor of the Israel Football Association (IFA), including in illegal Jewish-only Israeli settlements where trainings and matches take place on stolen Palestinian land.

Add your name to the call for PUMA to score a goal for Palestinian freedom, dignity, and equality by dropping its IFA sponsorship.

Dear PUMA,

We the undersigned are asking you to drop your sponsorship of the Israel Football Association (IFA). As the sponsor of the IFA, you are supporting Israel's illegal Israeli settlements where PUMA-sponsored trainings and matches take place in a flagrant breach of international law Fédération Internationale de Football Association (FIFA) regulations. Through this, you are blocking Palestinian rights and freedoms and undermining drives for peace. FIFA prohibits member associations from holding competitions on occupied territory without permission. 

According to a comprehensive report by Human Rights Watch, IFA trainings and matches in illegal settlements enable and normalize Israel’s settlement economy and contribute to violations of Palestinian human rights. According to international law, Israeli settlements are illegal land grabs that force Palestinian families from their homes. They crowd Palestinians in densely populated villages and refugee camps and limit access to clean water and healthcare.

Across the globe, football fans, players and teams have supported the call from more than 200 Palestinian teams urging Puma to end its complicity with Israeli apartheid. Out of concern for Palestinian human rights and the need to achieve a just and lasting peace—Israeli settlements are an obstacle to peace—I ask you to end your sponsorship of the IFA.



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