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Fundraiser: Donate to bring people to the PPC Assembly Weekend!

CODEPINK is bringing the anti-war movement to Washington, D.C. the weekend of June 18th to expose the cost of militarism at the Poor People’s Campaign historic mobilization, march and rally. We will weave the message of peace and #CutThePentagon while holding teach-ins on the costs of war and working meetings to plan our strategies for the fall.

Many are coming from across the country but we want to ensure that some can come who can’t afford it, the warmongers in Washington DC need to feel us. We hope you can attend; but if not you can make sure you are represented with one of our Peace Collective members or CODEPINK old-timers on Social Security.

We plan on bringing CODEPINKers who have been with us since the early 2000’s and members of our brand new Peace Collective, CODEPINK’s youth cohort. We are fundraising to send the future of the peace movement to DC to continue their organizing and build relationships with peace activists who have been doing this work for decades.

You can send a young peace activist to the Poor People’s Campaign’s in D.C. for $100-$250, depending on where they are coming from (we have members all over the United States).

We are also using this fundraiser to send lifelong CODEPINKers to DC to be a part of the march! Building a movement that is powerful and lasts well after we are gone requires intergenerational solidarity.

You can send a lifelong CODEPINKer to DC by donating $100-$250. If you’re not able to donate that much, any amount will be greatly appreciated & you can send this fundraiser to your friends too!

As a thank you we will send you a package of CODEPINK note cards and a report on our time raising a ruckus for peace in Washington DC.

$9,987 raised

GOAL: $15,000

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