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Thank you for helping us send powdered milk to Cuba!



We brought 16,000 pounds of powdered milk that we’re delivering to pediatric hospitals throughout the country with the help of the Martin Luther King Center. This was only possible through your generous donation that will help Cuban families during a difficult time in the country.

Children, pregnant women, the elderly and people with medical needs normally receive free powdered milk, but the pandemic and Trump sanctions disrupted food supplies, leading to a shortage.  Due to the reluctance of U.S. companies and banks to deal with Cuba for fear of running afoul of U.S. sanctions, Cuba buys imported milk—at an inflated cost—from places as far as New Zealand and Uruguay.

The funds raised for the milk and the flight to deliver it came from an outpouring of individual donations from people across the United States, including many Cuban Americans. It is an expression of the growing rejection among the U.S. public of their government’s economic policies aimed to strangle the Cuban economy. 

This builds upon previous fundraising efforts to help the Cuban people, including a shipment of 18,000 pounds of food we sent in November and the 600,000 syringes we sent last summer. We’ll continue working with our partners at Puentes de Amor, The People’s Forum and thousands of individuals throughout the U.S. who want to end the Trump sanctions and lift the cruel blockade against Cuba. 

Now we have a chance to send powdered milk to ALL of Cuba’s 22 pediatric hospitals, providing one glass of milk a day to all these children for 3 months!!! Want to help? Click here!