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Work for Peace: Conference on Global Sustainable Development & Alternatives to War


Join speakers who have worked around the world in sustainable development in a sharing of their experience and ideas on what is needed today to create Peace through Sustainable Development. Discussion will be encouraged, and action items will be offered:

The world is embroiled in multiple challenges: Natural resource decline and climate change, increased poverty in all countries, and seemingly endless wars that divert resources and attention from these urgent issues. 

As former Peace Corps Volunteers and others who have worked globally at the grassroots level, we understand that corporate, top-down "development" is not the solution to either human nor to natural resource predicaments. We have lived and seen another way. 

Additionally, key principles of sustainable development-care for environmental resources and for people-are the same in all countries, regardless of wealth. A discussion of these principles, therefore, is relevant for all of us as we confront multiple global crises.

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