Fight Covid Not Venezuela

Just when we thought things couldn’t get any worse, in the middle of the coronavirus pandemic, Trump is trying to start a war with Venezuela, moving Navy warships towards Venezuela’s coast and bringing a bogus indictment against President Maduro for drug trafficking. We need to shout out: FIGHT COVID NOT VENEZUELA!

If you live in the U.S. you can directly contact Congress on this issue by sending them a letter here!

It is outrageous that when hundreds of thousands of Americans, maybe millions, are facing death from coronavirus, and when Venezuelans are mustering all the forces they can to combat the virus in their own country, the Trump administration is provoking a war with Venezuela.

On March 26, the Trump administration indicted President Nicolas Maduro on bogus drug charges and put out a $15 million dollar reward for information leading to his capture. And now they are sending Navy ships, warplanes and thousands of sailors and Marines to surround Venezuela—the biggest military mobilization in Latin America in 30 years—on the pretext of anti-drug operations. The real goal is the same one the administration has been pursuing for the past three years: regime change.

The Trump administration is also endangering our military during this pandemic. We already have the scandal of a U.S. Navy officer being removed from his command for warning that coronavirus was infecting the sailors on his ship. The captain and 155 of his crew have tested positive. So why would Trump be putting thousands more sailors and Marines in danger?
The UN Secretary General has called for a global ceasefire to focus the world’s energy on COVID-19. And here Donald Trump is diverting our energies and resources on starting a new war??? This is madness.

Globally, we need to be harnessing ALL of our resources into stopping the virus that is killing our people and our economies.

We say No to Trump’s war on Venezuela. During the most terrifying moment in modern history, we must all come together to fight coronavirus, not each other.


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