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Human Rights for Palestinian Children


Each year around 700 Palestinian children are arrested, abused, and detained in Israel’s military court system, a system with a conviction rate of 99.74%. According to the Palestinian Prisoner’s Association, 98% of Palestinian children arrested and detained by Israel are subjected to physiological and/or physical torture and interrogations carried out without legal representation or parents present — this is a violation of international humanitarian law, and U.S. aid to Israel is being used to fund it. 

On April 30, 2019, Rep. Betty McCollum (D-MN) reintroduced The Promoting Human Rights for Palestinian Children Living Under Israeli Military Occupation Act, H.R. 2407 to prohibit U.S. assistance to Israel to be used in the detainment and mistreatment of children by amending the already existing Leahy Law to specifically prohibit U.S. funds from being used for the “military detention, interrogation, abuse, or ill-treatment” of children, authorizing the appropriation of funds to monitor human rights abuses and to provide rehabilitation to Palestinian children who have been victims of Israel’s brutal military detention system and affirm that the basic human rights of Palestinian children must be respected. 

Please send a message now to your Representative asking them to cosponsor H.R.2407!

If you have time, please consider following up on the message by calling your Congressperson's office. Phone calls to Congress are one of the most effective ways to show support for a piece of legislation. Use the tool below to email and to call your representatives and let them know you want them to end U.S. complicity in Israel’s abuses of Palestinian children by cosponsoring HR 2407! 

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  • Koray Sarac
    commented 2020-12-10 12:47:39 -0500

    Thats Children!
    What could do, A Child!???

    !!!So long i live, i wil Hate Israel!!!
    Im Born in Germany, Berlin!
    And i have fight So much against Nazi’s, but since Israel “I Cant” and i will Not do that, No More!!!

    Over 80 Million Human’s have Lost his Countrie!
    To “give” Occupied 2 Million Rassists an Place, Thousands of Years, their have live in other Countries, than “this jews” have Tief the Future from Afrika!
    With that Bloody money, their have Tief the Future from Palestine!

    Who’s Next One???

    I Hate This jews, til My Last Breath!
  • Michelle Ellner
    followed this page 2020-09-28 10:48:34 -0400