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New York City Council: Don't Attack the Right to Boycott

Earlier this year Governor Andrew Cuomo issued an executive order requiring New York State agencies to divest from entities that engage in boycotts in support of Palestinian rights. He resorted to an executive order because anti-boycott legislation was stalled in the state legislature. Now the New York City Council is joining the effort to curtail our constitutionally protected right to boycott.

Preserve the right to boycott and stand up against the creation of an anti-Palestine blacklist by contacting key City Council Members.

First, contact the seven city council members on this committee to express your opposition to Resolution #1058-A.

Helen K. Rosenthal, (212) 788-6975,
[email protected]

Peter A. Koo, 212-788-7022, [email protected]
Ruben Wills, 212-788-6850
Costa G. Constantinides, 212-788-6963, [email protected]
Chaim M. Deutsch, 212-788-7360, [email protected]
Corey D. Johnson, 212- 788-6979, [email protected]
Daneek Miller, 212-788-7084, [email protected]

In addition, if your city council member is one of those who has signed on as a sponsor of this resolution (see list below), please call to express your displeasure. If you don't know your city council member, look them up here.

Vincent J. Gentile Alan N. Maisel James G. Van Bramer
Joseph C. Borelli Vanessa L. Gibson Steven Matteo
Fernando Cabrera David G. Greenfield Annabel Palma
Margaret S. Chin Barry S. Grodenchik Helen K. Rosenthal
Andrew Cohen Corey D. Johnson Donovan J. Richards
Elizabeth S. Crowley Ben Kallos Rafael Salamanca, Jr.
Chaim M. Deutsch Andy L. King Ritchie J. Torres
Inez E. Dickens Peter A. Koo Mark Treyger
Rafael L. Espinal, Jr. Karen Koslowitz Eric A. Ulrich
Mathieu Eugene Rory I. Lancman James Vacca
Daniel R. Garodnick Mark Levine Paul A. Vallone

Let’s make sure the City Council gets the message that we support equality and justice, and that we will fight to protect our right to boycott.