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SHUT IT DOWN FOR PALESTINE: Global Shutdown for Palestine

**This is a sign on to the Global Shutdown for Palestine, NOT AN EVENT! To find an action near you, visit or **

Join the hundreds and thousands striking on Friday, November 17th.

Movements from across the world have launched a call for a Global Shutdown for Palestine on November 17th. Since Israel began its bombardment of Gaza—which has now killed more than 10,000 Palestinians—organizations and people have been mobilizing from within the heart of the empire to demand an immediate ceasefire, an end of all aid to Israel, and a lifting of the siege on Gaza.

We are calling for movements, trade unions, youth, students, media and healthcare workers, and all members of society to increase the pressure with more marches, walk-outs, sit-ins, strikes, and other forms of direct action directed at the political offices, businesses, and workplaces that fund, invest in, and collaborate with Israeli genocide and occupation.

“We must not wait for history to pass us by. Everyone—regardless of identity or sector—must heed the calls coming from the Palestinian streets and take action against genocide. Fear will not protect us and silence will not absolve us,” said Palestinian poet and writer Mohammed el-Kurd.

Need a letter to your boss to walk out? Here's a sample you can use.




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