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Send a letter to the Senate asking them to vote “NO” on more money for Israel!

The US has played a significant role in the suffering of Palestinians by consistently funding Israel’s military, providing it with $3.8 billion every year. Even in the face of Israel’s genocide in Gaza, the US continues to back Israel and is working on passing a $118 billion supplementary funding package for more war—$17.6 billion of which would go to Israel. Instead of doing the bare minimum and calling for a ceasefire, which only 5 senators have done, they are planning to enable Israel to murder even more Palestinians. We need to continue to tell them that this is not where we want our taxpayer money to go!

CODEPINK and Teachers Against Genocide took a field trip to the Senate with children and parents to tell them to stop the murder of children in Gaza. Join the children in telling Congress to stop backing Israel and send a letter to the Senate!  Print out our CODEPINK Free My Palestine Postcards here!