No War with Iran!

The Trump administration just designated the Iranian Revolutionary Guard Corps as a foreign terrorist organization and in retaliation, Iran’s National Security Council has classified the U.S. Central Command as a terrorist organization. Bolton and Pompeo have ripped the same failed tactics from the Iraq playbook. If unchecked, this administration will lead us to military confrontation with Iran. Sign our petition and contact your senators to cosponsor Senator Udall’s Prevention of an Unconstitutional War with Iran Act to assert congressional war powers.

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The Trump administration is beating the drums of war with Iran. Recently, the administration listed Iran’s Revolutionary Guard Corps as a foreign terrorist organization--the first time a government entity has been classified as such. In retaliation, Iran has designated the U.S. Central Command as a terrorist organization and claimed that it will treat U.S. military forces in the Middle East as ISIS. This is how wars start. I am greatly concerned that the Trump administration is provoking military confrontation with Iran and is bypassing Congress’ authority to declare war. I urge you to cosponsor this legislation that would prevent an unconstitutional war with Iran and reassert congressional war powers.


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W Glover
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  • W Glover
    signed 2019-07-21 13:39:05 -0400
  • mary cummings
    signed 2019-07-03 11:18:40 -0400
    Vote/Support for Tulsi Gabbard who is the democrat who runs on a platform of NO war with Iran.
  • Jessica Rosales
    signed 2019-07-01 14:31:43 -0400
  • helia seifikar
    signed 2019-06-29 20:06:47 -0400
  • Andrew Niven
    signed 2019-06-25 23:08:02 -0400
    This is yet another geopolitical step to advance unchecked American dominance, not only throughout the middle east but the world as a whole. There are no “goodies and baddies” in this ridiculous and lethal game; we would all do well to remember that Iranians, like all other human beings, love their children and want to get through their days fed and unterrorised. No war in Iran, please.
  • Carley Towne
    signed 2019-06-24 18:48:35 -0400
  • Maureen O’Day
    signed 2019-06-23 14:52:12 -0400
    Please, we need to be in the streets in vast numbers resisting, protesting, engaging in civil disobedience NOW …. before a war with Iran which would surely develop quickly into WWIII.
  • Amanda Seissian
    signed 2019-06-23 08:46:44 -0400
    Amanda Seissian
  • Erik Karlström
    signed 2019-06-22 18:40:46 -0400
  • Robert Rowe
    signed 2019-06-21 21:41:48 -0400
  • Sambath Kumaar
    @sambath92kumaar tweeted link to this page. 2019-06-21 12:21:44 -0400
    STOP Bolton and Pompeo from provoking military confrontation with Iran. Be a cosponsor of @SenatorTomUdall bill S.1039 to prevent an unconstitutional war with Iran. via @codepink
  • Sambath Kumaar
    signed 2019-06-21 12:21:21 -0400
    We need peace. War is dangerous for humanity. We need peace. Please!
  • Jessica Hammond
    signed 2019-06-21 10:30:30 -0400
  • Michael Thompson
    signed 2019-06-21 08:24:06 -0400
    Michael Thompson
  • David Lazure
    signed 2019-06-21 01:15:29 -0400
  • Rupal Joshi
    signed 2019-06-20 13:10:21 -0400
  • Behrooz Danadoost
    signed 2019-06-20 12:57:02 -0400
  • Mark Vdovychenko
    signed 2019-06-20 03:06:25 -0400
  • Tampa Egret Bicycle
    @Tampa_Egret tweeted link to this page. 2019-06-19 06:55:43 -0400
    STOP Bolton and Pompeo from provoking military confrontation with Iran. Be a cosponsor of @SenatorTomUdall bill S.1039 to prevent an unconstitutional war with Iran. via @codepink
  • John Bamford
    signed 2019-06-19 06:54:55 -0400
  • Andrew Bibeau
    signed 2019-06-14 12:08:25 -0400
  • Elaine Larson
    signed 2019-06-11 11:07:39 -0400
  • Nancy Newman
    signed 2019-06-10 22:28:03 -0400
    What insanity is this? —- When will we learn?
  • Pamela Hoadley
    signed 2019-06-10 22:07:20 -0400
  • Hilary Dorris
    signed 2019-06-10 21:07:01 -0400
    Stop this senseless violence driven by greed desire for power🙏❤️
  • Iman Ommaya
    signed 2019-05-28 11:23:40 -0400
  • Libby Sainsbury
    signed 2019-05-16 23:54:44 -0400
  • Sogol Samanianpur
    signed 2019-05-16 12:37:29 -0400
  • Natasha Peacock
    signed 2019-05-16 05:56:12 -0400
  • Katherine Lo
    signed 2019-05-16 03:34:47 -0400

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