The Israeli government is expanding its illegal settlements in Palestine at unprecedented rates. And companies like are allowing settlers to rent out homes on stolen Palestinian land. The hosts and are directly profiting from this violation of international law.

After several years of pressure, Airbnb announced it would remove settlement rentals from its platform. So far, CEO Gillian Tans has failed to respond to requests to end her company's complicity in this war crime. It’s up to us to make sure she feels the international pressure to end complicity with Israel’s illegal and discriminatory settlement policy.  

Add your name urging to remove settlement homes from their site immediately. Together, we will end international support for the occupation and build the movement that helps win human rights in Palestine.

To Gillian Tans, CEO of, and all staff:

We strongly urge you to delist Israeli settlement properties from your booking services immediately. Jewish-only Settlements are discriminatory, built on stolen Palestinian land, and are illegal under international law. Please take a stand against war crimes and be a leader for peace. We appeal to you to take leadership and action to help end these war crimes and pave the path to peace in the region.


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