Washington Post: don't allow hate and Islamophobia in your paper

IMG_9659.jpgOn Sunday March 24, 2019 edition of the Washington Post included a deplorable full-page ad falsely accusing Representative Ilhan Omar of anti-semitism. It intentionally misleads readers to believe Rep. Omar made statements she never uttered.

Send a message now to the Washington Post telling them that as a leading U.S. newspaper, they have an obligation not to participate in smear campaigns and incitements to hatred and Islamophobia. Ask the Washington Post to apologize to Rep. Omar and the Muslim community and commit to not selling misleading and hateful ads.

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Dear Washington Post:

I was extremely dismayed to see you print Rabbi Shmuley’s misleading and Islamophobic ad smearing Representative Ilhan Omar and inciting hatred against Muslims.

The ad begins with the words “Jews control the world with their money” next to Rep. Omar’s face, giving the false impression she said that. She did not.

Spreading Islamophobia and hatred is dangerous. The New Zealand mosque massacre just took the lives of 50 people and Rep. Omar is already facing serious death threats. Printing this ad contributes to the dangers the congresswoman and the world Muslim community face.

Please apologize to Rep. Omar and the Muslim community and commit to no longer selling space in your paper for ads that propagate any form of hatred.

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Wayne Jenne
Dave Lippman
Syed Shuja Haider Zaidi
Lea Morgan
Au Nguyen
Dr Harry and Ms Patricia C Schwarzlander Schwarzlander
Anthony Gratrex
Michael Gliwski
Karen Lull
Adam Izak-Sunna
Areej Malley
Diana Wayburn
Thomas Grill
Benjamin deLee
Samuel Durkin
Pirooz Daneshmandi
Josette Couchoud
Emma Gilmour
Bob Rushford
Martin Oliver
Jean Palmer
Marcy Gordon
Wayne Young
Jennifer Hall
Cleo Dioletis
Susan Bernofsky Bernofsky
William Skirbunt-Kozabo
Dan Yarwood
Larry Brockelbank
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  • Wayne Jenne
    signed 2019-03-24 17:12:27 -0400
  • Dave Lippman
    signed 2019-03-24 17:11:53 -0400
  • Syed Shuja Haider Zaidi
    signed 2019-03-24 17:11:33 -0400
    The makers of that ad should be shamed of their criminal and ill mentality.
  • Lea Morgan
    signed 2019-03-24 17:11:33 -0400
    Lea Morgan
  • Au Nguyen
    signed 2019-03-24 17:11:31 -0400
  • Dr Harry and Ms Patricia C Schwarzlander Schwarzlander
    signed 2019-03-24 17:11:31 -0400
    I was very disappointed to see this in the WAPO.

    Do not sell your space for hateful, divisive messages.

    Build bridges for healing.
  • Anthony Gratrex
    signed 2019-03-24 17:11:25 -0400
  • Michael Gliwski
    signed 2019-03-24 17:11:20 -0400
  • Karen Lull
    signed 2019-03-24 17:11:17 -0400
    Karen Lull
  • Adam Izak-Sunna
    signed 2019-03-24 17:11:05 -0400
    Please, offer no platform to hatred, diffamation, hate speech, anti-Muslim tropes and islamophobia.
  • Areej Malley
    signed 2019-03-24 17:11:02 -0400
  • Diana Wayburn
    signed 2019-03-24 17:10:25 -0400
  • Thomas Grill
    signed 2019-03-24 17:10:07 -0400
    Thomas Grill
  • Benjamin deLee
    signed 2019-03-24 17:10:05 -0400
  • Martin Oliver
    @tetrahedron800 tweeted link to this page. 2019-03-24 17:09:23 -0400
    Hey @WashingtonPost: why are you selling ad space in your paper for hatred & Islamophobia?The New Zealand mosque massacre just happened and @IlhanMN is facing death threats https://www.codepink.org/no_hate_ads?recruiter_id=810261
  • Samuel Durkin
    signed 2019-03-24 17:09:20 -0400
    Samuel Durkin
  • Pirooz Daneshmandi
    signed 2019-03-24 17:09:13 -0400
  • Josette Couchoud
    signed 2019-03-24 17:08:59 -0400
  • Emma Gilmour
    signed 2019-03-24 17:08:38 -0400
    Emma Gilmour
  • Bob Rushford
    signed 2019-03-24 17:08:33 -0400
    Bob Rushford
  • Martin Oliver
    signed 2019-03-24 17:08:31 -0400
  • Jean Palmer
    signed 2019-03-24 17:08:28 -0400
    jean palmer
  • Marcy Gordon
    signed 2019-03-24 17:08:14 -0400
    Telling the truth about Israel’s crimes is NOT Jew hatred.
  • Wayne Young
    signed 2019-03-24 17:08:13 -0400
  • Jennifer Hall
    signed 2019-03-24 17:08:08 -0400
  • Cleo Dioletis
    signed 2019-03-24 17:08:01 -0400
  • Susan Bernofsky Bernofsky
    signed 2019-03-24 17:07:59 -0400
    I am horrified that you would sell space for this hateful purpose.
  • William Skirbunt-Kozabo
    signed 2019-03-24 17:07:27 -0400
  • Dan Yarwood
    signed 2019-03-24 17:07:22 -0400
  • Larry Brockelbank
    signed 2019-03-24 17:07:20 -0400

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