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May 02

Activists Continue to Hold Venezuelan Embassy in Washington

Members of the Embassy Collection Protective have written phone numbers of their attorneys on their arms.
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Apr 29

Social Movements Under Intense Attack Despite Colombia “Peace Plan”

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Apr 25

Disrupting Elliott Abrams

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Apr 22

Activists Protect DC Venezuelan Embassy from US-supported Coup

The Embassy Protectors have decorated the Venezuelan Embassy with signs and banners that are giving the Georgetown neighbors a good...
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Apr 19

Shut Down Creech Spring Actions 2019

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Apr 17

More Wins for Movement to Divest from Elbit Systems

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Apr 12

Supporters of Palestinian Rights Call on Sea Otter Classic to Boycott Everysight

On Saturday April 13, California human rights campaigners will rally in front of Monterey’s Sea Otter Classic to call on...
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Apr 10

NATO Should Indeed Be Obsolete: 70 Years of Militarism is Enough

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Mar 29

California Teacher Speaks Up for Divestment

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Mar 27

War, Peace and Presidential Candidates

Download the PDF version of these 10 points here!
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