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As Israel’s brutal attacks in Gaza are causing the death of one precious child EVERY 10 MINUTES, CODEPINK urges mothers from around the world to come together in solidarity against genocide. The time is now to join the community and be visible against the ongoing atrocities against the Palestinian people. As we have seen throughout history, when good people stay silent, horrible acts continue to unfold. There are millions of people around the world taking to the streets demanding a Free Palestine and we must continue to grow. In the streets, in our homes, in congressional offices, on street corners, we must do everything in our power, as mothers and allies, to take a stand against this madness. 

We must stand up together, and say no more to genocide.

We thank our global partners: World Beyond War, Mamas Activating Movements for Abolition and Solidarity (MAMAs), Pivot to Peace, Institute for Policy Studies, Matriarchal Gift Economy Movement and more


CODEPINK's #MothersAgainstGenocide encourages mothers from across the globe to do their part and take a visible stand against genocide. We're here to help build local events and resources to support your actions. For more information, support, and event building, email [email protected]. Here are some ideas, events, and actions to help get you started! We also have examples linked throughout the page.