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Tell Lush Cosmetics: Quit Saudi Arabia

Lush Cosmetics is known for their commitment to social justice and a sustainable world--and we appreciate this. Their products are sourced from vegetarian ingredients and sold either unpackaged or wrapped in recycled materials. A portion of their profits go to support wonderful projects to protect animals, the environment and human rights.

So why then is Lush operating stores in Saudi Arabia--one of the world’s worst violators of human rights?

Saudi Arabia is the most gender-segregated country on earth. It imprisons, tortures, and murders women’s rights activists, journalists, and dissidents and is carrying out a war in Yemen so brutal that millions of Yemenis are going hungry. A Yemeni child dies every ten minutes from malnutrition as a result of the Saudi bombing campaign.

Lush only has three stores in Saudi Arabia so it will not be an excessive burden for them to leave the bloody kingdom.

Tell Lush to act for freedom, equality, and human life by closing its stores in Saudi Arabia!

Take action by following these 3 steps:

1. Sign our letter to LUSH below!

2. Join our campaign to get Lush out of Saudi Arabia by planning a protest at a Lush store in your city 
US store locations |  Worldwide store locations

Sign up through this form and we will work with you to organize a Lush Out of Saudi protest in your city. Your protest can include such activities as holiday caroling for peace in Yemen,  flyering, and more.

3. Supplies for Lush Store protests:
Lush holiday caroling songs and slogans
Printable posters (48 x 36 which can be shrunk to smaller sizes)
Quarter page flyers to hand out to Lush customers inside the store
Letter to Lush headquarters to give to Lush store managers
For extra fun and creativity, wear a bathrobe and/or wrap a towel around your head during your protest