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Justina Poskeviciute

 Justina Poskeviciute

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Justina is CODEPINK's Engagement Manager.

How does political change happen? How do we tell powerful stories of our shared humanity? How do we communicate out of empathy and compassion and not fear? These questions have been at the center of Justina’s academic, work, and personal journeys. That journey has literally taken her to Thailand, Palestine, and Jordan, where she collaborated with different nonprofits. She has also worked with technology companies in Europe and South America while freelancing as a political commentator and journalist, focusing her writing on conflict, democracy and authoritarianism, and social issues.

Being a part of CODEPINK, Justina is proud and excited to be able to work on so many important causes at the same time.

She holds a bachelor’s degree in Political Science and Film Studies from Gettysburg College and a Master’s degree in Political Science from Central European University.