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Sign Our #IWD2024 Urgent Call for Reproductive Justice in Gaza/Palestine & Everywhere!

This International Women's Day, March 8, 2024, join us in demanding reproductive justice in Gaza/Palestine and all communities worldwide—starting with a permanent ceasefire in Gaza, ending support for Israel's genocide, and restoring funding for UNRWA!!

Only 27 of the 50 women who are members of the Congressional Progressive Caucus have called for a ceasefire. Join us this IWD in holding them accountable to their so-called progressive values by signing our statement to the remaining 23 women! If you live in DC or the surrounding area, you can join us in delivering this message to their offices on March 8!

The 23 women are:

  1. Jamine Crockett
  2. Eleanor Holmes Norton
  3. Grace Napolitano
  4. Sylvia Garcia
  5. Val Hoyle
  6. Lisa Blunt Rochester
  7. Sheila Jackson Lee
  8. Frederica Wilson
  9. Sydney Kamlager-Dove
  10. Jennifer McClellan
  11. Lori Trahan
  12. Madeleine Dean
  13. Gwen Moore
  14. Suzanne Bonamici
  15. Teresa Leger Fernandez
  16. Yvette Clarke
  17. Nanette Barragan
  18. Andrea Salinas
  19. Sheila Cherfilus-McCormick
  20. Rosa DeLauro
  21. Katie Porter
  22. Grace Meng
  23. Shontel Brown
  24. Jill Tokuda -- victory she called for a ceasefire!!!

Dear Women of the Congressional Progressive Caucus,

We, the undersigned, are writing to you because although you are part of a progressive caucus, you have yet to do the most bare minimum progressive acts: call for a permanent ceasefire in Gaza, stop funding Israel's genocide, and demand restored funding to UNRWA. Twenty-seven women in this committee already have called for a ceasefire—it’s time for the 23 of you to join them and show them what real progress is by committing to all three demands.

March 8 is International Women’s Day, a fitting reminder of the thousands of women in Gaza who are being slaughtered, clearly abandoned by women like you who hold positions of power and privilege yet refuse to call for a ceasefire. Many of you will use the discussion of reproductive justice in the US as an opportunity to say you stand with women. Many of you will release statements about IWD, citing your membership to the Congressional Progressive Caucus as evidence of your commitment to progressive advocacy for women, but your inaction tells us the truth. 

Your words mean nothing when you fail to center the women of Gaza, who need our attention the most right now. You lose credibility when you fail to demand an end to Israel’s genocide campaign. What is more anti-feminist and less progressive than war? Since the start of Israel’s most recent bombardment, miscarriages in Gaza have gone up 300%. Women are forced to undergo C-sections without anesthesia. Israeli soldiers in the Tal al Zaatar area of Gaza shot at and bulldozed over pregnant women carrying white flags. What significant action have you taken to stop this genocide? None. We will not allow you to continue virtue signaling by simply being part of this caucus. We demand consistency.

This IWD, we call on you to reject traditional Western and colonial “feminist” narratives that have long perpetuated war, occupation, and genocide! War-mongering fuels oppression, mistreatment, and murder of women around the world. The struggle for reproductive justice and Palestinian liberation are deeply intertwined feminist issues.

Be a real feminist and call for a permanent ceasefire in Gaza, stop funding Israel's genocide, and restore funding to UNRWA. Reproductive justice starts there.

Towards peace and liberation,

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