If Putin, they why not Rouhani?


If Donald Trump can meet with Russia’s Vladimir Putin and North Korea’s Kim Jung Un, surely he can meet with Iran’s President Rouhani. If Donald Trump is indeed anxious to listen to Putin, he should heed Putin’s warning about the dangers of destroying the Iran nuclear deal. Send a message to Congress urging President Trump to meet with Rouhani and rejoin the Iran nuclear deal.

It is rare that we praise Donald Trump, but meeting with both Kim Jung Un and Vladimir Putin was the right thing to do. If our goal is to build peace, then calm talks, rather than threats and military escalation, are always the better path to take.

Trump’s meetings with Putin and Kim give us the opportunity to set a significant precedent for diplomacy. If we can parlay this into a summit with Iranian president Hassan Rouhani, we might have a real chance to avoid war with Iran.

Under the Iran nuclear deal, which Obama signed in 2015 and Trump rejected this year, Iran agreed to reduce its uranium stockpile and nuclear enrichment program in exchange for lifting the crippling sanctions destroying the Iranian economy and harming ordinary citizens. The International Atomic Energy Agency certified Iran’s compliance, and the other signatories—Britain, France, Germany, China and Russia—were happy with the deal.

Since Trump pulled out of the deal on May 8, the Trump administration has been imposing onerous sanctions to squeeze the Iranian economy and is putting us on a DIRECT PATH TO WAR. This might be the personal goal of National Security Advisor John Bolton, but it is not in the national security interest of our nation. Join us in sending a message to Congress that if Trump can meet with North Korea and Russia, he can participate in a summit with Iran and rejoin the Iran nuclear deal.

Democratic politicians and pundits are up in arms about Trump’s meeting with Putin. But in 2007, when President Obama was asked at a CNN debate if he would be willing to meet with the leaders of Iran, Syria, Venezuela, Cuba and North Korea without preconditions, he replied,  "I would. The notion that somehow not talking to countries is punishment to them is ridiculous."

We hope that talks with Russia can ease the dangerous tensions between these two nuclear states. We hope that talks with North Korea can lead to resolving a conflict that has been plaguing the Korean peninsula for almost 70 years. And with the Middle East already convulsed by violence, a Trump-Rouhani summit to revive the Iran nuclear deal could stop us from entering another disastrous war!

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