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The Gaza Genocide Gang: EXPOSED!

A genocide is unfolding in front of our eyes and the Israeli siege has created a critical need for aid in Gaza. As of October 24, 5,791 Palestinians have been murdered by Israel since the events of October 7. 16,297 more have been injured, about 5,400 of them being children. 56 health institutions in Gaza are severely affected by the Israeli bombardment, and at least 68 medical professionals have been murdered. During this devastating attack on Gaza, Palestinians are only being further deprived of necessary resources, and the need for aid increases by the minute. Hundreds of families have been completely massacred or displaced, and the situation in Gaza is dire.

CODEPINK has compiled a list of world leaders, companies and business figureheads we must hold accountable for the crimes committed against the people of Gaza. We will continue to update this page as the siege continues. End the siege on Gaza and End US Aid to Israel!

US President Joe Biden

As Genocide Architect in Chief, Biden has openly enabled Israel to commit genocide, war crimes and crimes against humanity by funding the bombs dropping on innocent people in Palestine.

Click to Tweet: From repeating lies to sending $100 billion for bombs to kill, Biden is not only supporting genocide, but he is funding it. He has blood on his hands. #GenocideGang @codepink

Majority Leader of the United States Senate Chuck Schumer

Schumer has not only called for a resolution to support genocide, he also visited the Genocider’s command post in Israel to get a front-seat view of ethnic cleansing in action.

Click to Tweet: The Senate Leader is a racist warmonger. Schumer is trying to rush through more deadly arms money to Israel, and echoes racist language calling the US and Israel “civilized democracies” unlike Palestine. He is a vocal supporter of ethnic cleansing and genocide, and he must go! #GenocideGang @codepink

United States Senator Lindsey Graham

Graham called for Gaza to be level. He openly advocates for the death of over 2 million Palestinians.

Click to Tweet: “Whatever the hell you have to do to defend yourselves; level the place.” Lindsey Graham is calling for the genocide of 2 million people, half of whom are children. #GenocideGang @codepink

United States Secretary of State Antony Blinken

Blinken not only supports the Genocide but also demands that no one in his office call for descalation or a ceasefire. It’s only foot on the gas genocide for him and his team of “diplomats.”

Click To Tweet: Imagine being so pro-war that you ban the words “ceasefire/de-escalation”, “end to violence/bloodshed” and “restoring calm”? Anthony Blinken and his ‘diplomats’ aren’t interested in diplomacy, they are pushing for more escalation and more violence. #GenocideGang @codepink

United States Secretary of the Treasury Janet Yellen

“Absolutely, America can certainly afford two wars.” Janet is making sure Israel, and the rest of the world, knows that when it comes to the business of ethnic-cleansing - money is not a problem.

Click to Tweet: The number of Americans living in poverty has almost doubled since 2021. Yellen, tell the millions currently living in poverty that we can “absolutely” afford to spend billions murdering other people’s children. #GenocideGang @codepink

Secretary of Defense Lloyd J. Austin III

“Over the coming days the Department of Defense will work to ensure that Israel has what it needs to defend itself and protect civilians from indiscriminate violence and terrorism.”

Click to tweet: The US is sending the world’s largest aircraft carrier, a fleet of aircraft carrier strikes, bombs, and munition kits. Austin is physically equipping Israel with its weapons to commit genocide. #GenocideGang @codepink

UK Prime Minister Rishi Sunak

Rishi Sunak has voiced “unequivocal” UK support for Israel “not just today, not just tomorrow, but always...”, Sunak tells the Israeli people, “they will have his government’s unstinting, unqualified support in the face of evil.”

As Israel’s bombs continue to rain down on the besieged Gaza Strip, Rishi Sunak stood next to Netanyahu and told him we: “want you to win.” He is providing endorsement for Israel to continue its massacres, as 3500 Palestinians have been killed in Israel’s attacks on Gaza in the last 10 days.

Click to tweet: Sunak is not only supporting genocide, but the erasure of Palestine. In the UK, he is trying to ban the Palestinian flag in the UK while he lights up his house and government with the Israeli flag. #GenocideGang @codepink

Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi

"Deeply shocked by the news of terrorist attacks in Israel. Our thoughts and prayers are with the innocent victims and their families. [India] stands in solidarity with Israel at this difficult hour."

Click to tweet: Modi is standing in “solidarity” with genocide and ethnic cleansing. #GenocideGang @codepink

French President Emmanuel Macron

France banned protests in support of Palestine on October 12 and police have fired on the demonstrators who defied the order with tear gas and water cannon…it’s clear Macron’s party has a very strong anti-Palestinian position.

Click to tweet: Macron is doing the work of the Israeli police in violently repressing resistance to genocide. #GenocideGang @codepink

German Chancellor Olaf Scholz

In hard times, Germany has only one place, and it is alongside Israel,” Scholz says, at a joint press conference with Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu.

Click to tweet: The German Chancellor is making is undeniably clear: Germany stands with genocide, or nothing. #GenocideGang @codepink

EU President Ursula von der Leyen

“I know that how Israel responds will show that it is a democracy.”

Click to tweet: The EU President is justifying genocide by calling it “democracy”. Von der Leyen: when will you wake up to the truth of Israeli ethnic cleansing? #GenocideGang @codepink

Mark Zuckerberg

Facebook has wrongfully removed and suppressed content by Palestinians and their supporters, including about human rights abuses carried out in Israel and Palestine during the May 2021 hostilities.

Click to tweet: Zuckerberg is silencing the truth about genocide. He is acting as a propaganda tool for Israel. #GenocideGang @codepink

US-based Defense Companies

US and Israeli based weapons manufacturers are making a killing off killing innocent Palestinians. While Gazans starve, these companies' profits soar as their bombs continuously drop on residential areas, hospitals, bakeries and churches. 

Click to tweet: US companies make profits from deadly weapons that brutally kill children. LockheedMartin, Boeing, Northrop Grumman, General Dynamics, Ameteck, UTC Aerospace and Raytheon shareholders are rich from blood money. #GenocideGang @codepink

CNN and Other Mainstream News Outlets:

On October 11, CNN reporter Sara Sidner reported the FALSE story that dozens of Israeli babies had been beheaded. This was then regurgitated by President Biden and other mainstream outlets only to be immediately retracted saying there was no proof and the Israeli government could not confirm this allegation. Mainstream outlets have propelled us into war before, like when the NYT said Iraq had weapons of mass destruction. Media helped manufacture consent for the genocide of Palestinians in Gaza.

Click to tweet: CNN and other major outlets have a history of propelling us towards war with lies and misinformation. On October 11, CNN helped give Israel the green light to commit genocide. #genocidegang @codepink

National Security Advisor Jake Sullivan

Sullivan defends war crime after war crime while ignoring the struggle of Palestinians for freedom. He's a longtime advocate of normalizing Israeli apartheid and expanding the U.S. military and arms industry.

Click to tweet: .@JakeSullivan46 defends war crime after war crime while ignoring the struggle of Palestinians for freedom. He's a longtime advocate of normalizing Israeli apartheid and expanding the U.S. military and arms industry. He has blood on his hands! #GenocideGang @codepink

National Security Council Coordinator Brett McGurk

McGurk proposed denying humanitarian aid to those trapped in Gaza and refusing to implement any pause in fighting until the Israeli hostages were freed. He is committed to imposing a government on Palestinians rather than supporting their self-determination.

Click to tweet: The White House's @brett_mcgurk has blood on his hands. He's proposed denying humanitarian aid to those trapped in Gaza and repeatedly refuses to back a ceasefire. He's part of the #GenocideGang. @codepink

The American-Israeli Public Affairs Committee (AIPAC)

Year after year, AIPAC funnels millions of dollars into Democratic & Republican campaigns to ensure Congress continues to back the Israeli occupation rather than listen to their constituents. They ensure Israel continues to receive billions of dollars each year in military support with the approval of the U.S. Congress.

Click to tweet: Year after year, @AIPAC funnels millions of dollars into Congressional campaigns to buy support for Israel's crimes and ensure Congress keeps sending weapons for genocide & occupation. Gaza's blood is on their hands! #GenocideGang @codepink

Rep. Brian Mast

Rep. Mast is Israel's biggest cheerleader in Congress. After volunteering to serve with the Israeli Occupation Forces, he ran for Congress with AIPAC funding. Now, he's in the halls of power saying things like "these are not innocent civilians" when asked about the murder of Palestinian children.

Click to tweet: .@RepBrianMast is Apartheid Israel's biggest cheerleader in Congress. After serving in the IOF, he ran for Congress with AIPAC funding. Now, he's making laws and sending weapons with no regard for civilian lives in Palestine. BLOOD IS ON HIS HANDS! #GenocideGang @codepink