Tell the Congressional Progressive Caucus they have an obligation to speak out against Israel’s massacre of peaceful protesters in Gaza. Too many deaths have occurred already. Everyone should have the right to peacefully protest without being shot and killed.


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    Always amazed at the creativity, tenacity and energy of CodePink in fighting for human rights globally.
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    After the uni letteral declaration by contradict Trumps as Jerusalem as capital of apertheid & zionist Israhell, Trump has unofficial declared a war on Palestine by idiot Jews
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    The corporate media is not covering this very well, there’s no context to what it’s about. Land day and the expropriation of Palestinian land by Israel. i watched CNN coverage and changed the chanell when some leader from Istrael explained. They nevefr show both sides and always from Israel’s perspective.
    Francis Collins
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    At passover, this seems all the more outrageous.
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    One other thing that occurred to me – it often seems that we are endlessly protesting and trying to create a better world without tangible results and it can be disheartening and many drop out of movements for this reason. Well when the BDS started here in Adelaide, South Australia nearly 8 years ago we come in for a lot of flack from Israeli supporters and the general public who like general publics almost everywhere have been brain washed by the mass media but this has been slowly changing and now we get mostly positive comments and only the odd harassment from hard core Zionists so public opinion is changing for the better – slowly here in Oz anyway. The lesson is that continuous sustained action works so keep up the good work.
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    The Israelis have learnt well from their former Nazi oppressors for what they are doing is a slow motion genocide against the Palestinians. They must be compared to the Nazis at every opportunity so that as much as possible they are identified in the public mind with them. They really hate that and get quite enraged which means that it’s worth doing. the Israelis go to extraordinary lengths to propagandise themselves in a positive light and anything that exposes them or associates them with groups like the Nazis is worth doing. In my groups weekly BDS protests against the Israeli occupation we have come across many Zionists and Israeli supporters and many of them especially the military or ex military types are extremely aggressive, sometimes to the point of violence, rude, arrogant and with a grossly inflated sense of entitlement. One of the things they hate the most is to be compared to Nazis. Also by association that means any of the servile, politician vermin who support Israhell get tarred with the same brush – hopefully. I also agree with Peter Warner that every politician that supports Israhell (here in Australia as well as elsewhere) should be charged with war crimes.
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    I agree we must win our struggles through peace, but we must also be warriors, and never let an opportunity to speak and write the truth. I am so grateful for the courage of Palestinians, and for the work of so many who stand up for justice: CodePink, World Beyond War, U. S. Campaign for Palestinian Rights, American Friends Service Committee, and many others – and we must unify ourselves in complete opposition to the the pandemic insanity perpetrated by “authority” and their mindless minions. We must never underestimate the capacity of the U. S. and Israeli governments (among others) to wreak terror and havoc at any cost to human lives, and to all life on this planet. These governments are the true sources of all terrorism and militarism, imperialism and racism.
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    The Global Struggle for Palestinian Rights “No more wars, no more bloodshed. Peace unto you. Shalom, salaam, forever.”cuenca — Menachem Begin
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    We need to stop fighting and declare peace around the world.
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    i cease to hope that our government, or the majority of americans for that matter, will ever be able to see what our political system has always been: a racist, neo-colonial empire based predominantly on increasing military and decreasing economic force. lamentably, our country’s moral compass has slipped so far to the right that any objective criticism of its actions is merely seen as leftist propaganda and consequently discarded as “un-american”.
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    Israel has become increasing bolder and more oppressive against the Palestinians, partly as a result of their realization that they can get away with blatant violations of international law and human rights. We need to start talking about Israel state terrorism, which is what many of their actions amount to. The concept of Apartheid has been gaining acceptance in describing the oppressive conditions imposed by Israel on the Palestinians. Now we need to have the courage and clarity of mind to describe some of Israel’s brutal actions as what they are, a form of state terrorism.
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    Murderous psychopaths, that’s what Israelis have become. Of course they have been for decades and we have supported them.
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    I simply can’t even believe that Schakowsky, whom Scahill just had on his program barely a week ago, would take part in such a disgusting portrait with that war criminal Netanyahu….Time for us to primary these neoliberals in order to get real progressives into office, it’s beyond an outrage the number of Dems who side with the Repugs behind the scenes while saying different shit in public….get them all out, this year!!!
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    Agree on that completely Peter, agree!
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    Congress members who take donations from AIPAC, and who support arms sales to Israel and Saudi Arabia, the move of the Israel capital to Jerusalem, the illegal settlements, and other crimes perpetrated by the Israeli government, must be held accountable. Each and every last member of Congress who supports the crimes of the Israeli government should be charged with war crimes, and conspiracy to commit murder. They not only have blood on their hands, they are sociopathic lunatics. They all deserve life in prison, in solitary, or the death penalty.
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    We need Peace in the Middle East, we need Peace. That’s what Good Friday is about! The Ultimate Sacrifice and Forgiveness!
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