Fire Bolton

John Bolton has never met a military conflict he didn’t want to get involved in. He advocates a foreign policy that exaggerates threats, belittles diplomacy, shows contempt for international institutions and is quick to use violence. He was a key instigator of the Iraq war and has no regrets, and now he is hell-bent on destroying diplomacy with North Korea and going to war in both Iran and Venezuela.

Bolton is in bed with the Iranian terrorist organization the MEK and has been advocating for years that the U.S. should bomb Iran. Now he is using propaganda and outright lies to try to make that happen. He hates the United Nations and International law, opposes Palestinian rights and freedoms, and, along with Elliot Abrams, is trying to orchestrate a coup in Venezuela.

Trump has been complaining that the coup in Venezuela isn’t turning out to be as easy as Bolton said it would be. Despite multiple coup attempts, Maduro remains in power. And in Iran, Bolton is trying to push Trump into a war that he says he doesn’t want.

Donald Trump is well known for firing people, and no one is more ripe to be pink-slipped than Warhawk John Bolton. Add your name to our statement below to #FireBolton and we will deliver the signatures to the White House.

Statement of the People Calling on Trump to Fire Bolton

As citizens of the United States, we the people are tired of bloated Pentagon budgets and endless wars.

Trump campaigned on a platform of bringing troops home, not creating more wars based on fake evidence and outright lies. But here we are on the brink of new wars in Venezuela and Iran, talks with North Korea have broken down, and the war in Yemen rages on.

Trump is correct about National Security Advisor John Bolton misleading him into thinking it would be easy to replace President Nicolas Maduro in Venezuela with puppet Juan Guiado. The coup attempts continue to put the Venezuelan people at risk of a bloody civil war.

Bolton played a key role in the collapse of Trump’s summit with Kim Jong-Un in February and now, with the help of the media, he is running a propaganda campaign of lies about Iran similar to what led us into war with Iraq. Both Trump and the American people have been clear about having no appetite for another destructive, senseless war, but Bolton has other ideas.

Bolton’s position in Trump’s cabinet is contrary to Trump’s campaign promises to bring troops home and to have a less interventionist approach than his predecessors. For the sake of the people of Venezuela, Iran, Yemen, Korea, America, and the entire world, we call on President Trump to FIRE BOLTON!

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Cathy Fouche
Trish Gallagher
Ryan Hodge
William G Gonzalez
Julie Bulger
Mary Anne Grady Flores
Corbs Rem
Fred Stollnitz
nina riddel
Mike Kappus
Alex Wind
James Inkenbrandt
Francisco Estrada
Pedram Moallemian
Matthew Kukla
Naomi L
Stephanie Gilley
Joe Romero
Jennifer Richardson
Mahnaz Harrison
Edward Quin
Simon Vrouwe
Kathy Slage
Jerome Davis
meeling wee
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  • Cathy Fouche
    signed 2019-07-04 05:17:07 -0400
  • Trish Gallagher
    signed 2019-07-03 22:19:13 -0400
    Bolton is a war criminal many times over. Pink slip for Bolton (at the very least)!
  • Ryan Hodge
    signed 2019-07-03 18:52:07 -0400
  • William G Gonzalez
    @wgonzalezgarcia tweeted link to this page. 2019-07-03 13:13:03 -0400
    I just signed the People's Statement to #FireBolton@AmbJohnBolton wants a coup in Venezuela, war w/ Iran, no N Korea talks. He hates the UN, international law, & Palestinian rightsTime for @RealDonaldTrump to say to the Mustache, You're Fired!
  • William G Gonzalez
    signed 2019-07-03 13:12:57 -0400
  • Julie Bulger
    signed 2019-07-03 02:48:09 -0400
  • Mary Anne Grady Flores
    signed 2019-07-03 02:14:16 -0400
  • Corbs Rem
    signed 2019-07-02 22:44:50 -0400
  • Fred Stollnitz
    signed 2019-07-02 21:49:55 -0400
  • Pedram Moallemian
    @pmoallemian tweeted link to this page. 2019-07-02 19:10:36 -0400
    I just signed the People's Statement to #FireBolton@AmbJohnBolton wants a coup in Venezuela, war w/ Iran, no N Korea talks. He hates the UN, international law, & Palestinian rightsTime for @RealDonaldTrump to say to the Mustache, You're Fired!
  • Mark Burke
    followed this page 2019-07-02 18:57:16 -0400
  • nina riddel
    signed 2019-07-02 17:44:07 -0400
  • Mike Kappus
    signed 2019-07-02 17:33:57 -0400
  • Alex Wind
    signed 2019-07-02 17:22:55 -0400
  • James Inkenbrandt
    signed 2019-07-02 16:41:51 -0400
    This man should be in prison.
  • Francisco Estrada
    @Francis27672601 tweeted link to this page. 2019-07-02 16:35:31 -0400
    I just signed the People's Statement to #FireBolton@AmbJohnBolton wants a coup in Venezuela, war w/ Iran, no N Korea talks. He hates the UN, international law, & Palestinian rightsTime for @RealDonaldTrump to say to the Mustache, You're Fired!
  • Francisco Estrada
    signed 2019-07-02 16:34:35 -0400
  • Pedram Moallemian
    signed 2019-07-02 16:23:54 -0400
    Pompeo Too!
  • Matthew Kukla
    signed 2019-07-02 16:21:15 -0400
    The United States 1) Pulled out of the INF, 2) Annexed Golan Heights, 3) Enacted anti-BDS, 4) Enacted a Muslim Ban, and 5) Believed an old video by Netanyahu. This increased aggressions with Iran and gave impetus for Trump to try and bypass Congress. Pompeo said it’s a one-time deal but US increased defense spending which supports defense companies like Raytheon. Moreover, Kushner’s foundation benefited from the resettlements which is why his Middle East peace plan has zero merit. Pulling out of the INF to then blame Iran while 1) cutting off access to its oil, 2) implementing a cyber attack, and 3) flying a plane in its area is nonsensical and is an impetus for greater instability. The United States was marketing itself as a net oil exporter which is the unnecessary reason for deregulation. The United States was drilling relentlessly causing prices to decline while OPEC cut supply. The United States then tried to say OPEC was manipulating the market and threatened to sue OPEC. The mine explosions gave the United States a reason to be in the Hormuz Canal insurance for oil in the region has skyrocketed. Meanwhile, the United States has sanctioned many other oil producing countries.:; I noticed that with respect to Venezuela, the United States: 1) Increased sanctions that aggravated their economic problems, 2) In relation to sanctions, humanitarian aid was politicized and only considered if Guaido surpassed Maduro (under the disguise of democracy), 3) The Venezuelan electric blackout was modeled in a video game (Or, the blackout was due to poor infrastructure), 4) Venezuela’s gold was not returned 5) Venezuela was trying to use the dollar against the bolivar (Everyone knows that Venezuela wants to circumvent the dollar) and 6) The United States blocked Venezuela’s own humanitarian aid packages in the sanctions. Moreover, Bolsonaro only agrees with a coup in Venezuela because it mimics the Trump Administration Policy of the United States (Donald Trump, John Bolton and Mike Pompeo). Collapsing economies in Central America and Mexico is not an impetus to build a border wall, the United States is being friendly with surplus countries and is not friendly with deficit countries.: The United States intentionally opted out of the Paris Climate Accord while simultaneously deregulating the oil and gas sector. The United States inappropriately has an oil lobbyist heading the DOI and a coal lobbyist heading the EPA creating a conflict of interest. As a result of these actions, the United States has increased oil and gas drilling throughout the United States at the expense of the environment. This is being done so the United States can become a net oil exporter and to extricate its reliance on OPEC. It should be noted that many of the oil and gas companies are funded by junk bonds with high decline rates. As the United States continues to drill, it is causing OPEC countries to cut supply which is in many ways an encirclement strategy. The United States was going to sue OPEC when it cut supply under the guise of market manipulation. It should be noted that the United States has dramatically curtailed production of oil and gas in Venezuea and Iran which has exacerbated the economics in those regions creating greater reliance on the United States for oil and gas as well. Yet, as the United States continues to drill and dereguate it is inadvertently causing other countries to do the same which is counterproductive. The oil and gas companies have undue influence regarding climate talks and represent a vested interest that is inherently biased. As a result of these actions, the United States has deliberately opted out of the Climate Change narrative while trying to reinforce its view that Climate Change does not exist because it is in the best interest of the United States to embrace that false narrative. Climate change and pollution result in negative externalities. Moreover, climate change results in more extreme weather patterns which needs to be considered since 5G negatively impacts the ability to forecast extreme weather patterns. The combination of these two factors should not be disregarded. Going green is beneficial to the environment while allowing a country to become less enmeshed within the political affairs of other countries. The current narrative against journalism, climate change, and science is politically motivated and unnecessary.
  • Naomi L
    signed 2019-07-02 16:01:32 -0400
  • Stephanie Gilley
    signed 2019-07-02 14:15:50 -0400
    Stephanie Gilley
  • Joe Romero
    signed 2019-07-02 14:14:15 -0400
  • Jennifer Richardson
    signed 2019-07-02 13:38:07 -0400
  • Mahnaz Harrison
    signed via 2019-07-02 10:20:19 -0400
  • Edward Quin
    signed 2019-07-02 09:51:52 -0400
  • Simon Vrouwe
    signed 2019-07-02 08:19:44 -0400
  • Kathy Slage
    signed 2019-07-02 08:09:15 -0400
    Kathryn Slage
  • Jerome Davis
    signed 2019-07-02 03:53:18 -0400
  • meeling wee
    @Tweetychitchat tweeted link to this page. 2019-07-02 03:08:52 -0400
    I just signed the People's Statement to #FireBolton@AmbJohnBolton wants a coup in Venezuela, war w/ Iran, no N Korea talks. He hates the UN, international law, & Palestinian rightsTime for @RealDonaldTrump to say to the Mustache, You're Fired!
  • meeling wee
    signed 2019-07-02 03:08:46 -0400

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