End the Siege of Gaza!

CODEPINK and Coalition of Women for Peace in Israel/Palestine say End the Siege on Gaza!

To EU High Representative for Foreign Affairs Federica Mogherini and UN Secretary General Antonio Gutierrez: 

We call on you to fulfill your responsibilities towards the residents of Gaza by demanding Israel end the siege! We call on you to include women and youth in all policy decisions related to Gaza and hold Israel accountable for its violations of human rights.

Organizations and international institutions are warning that Gaza is on the verge of a humanitarian crisis in spite of the humanitarian aid provided by the international community. Already now, Gaza is facing a water crisis, extreme pollution, electricity shortage, restricted access to health services and education as well as economic distress. All these hardships turn life into a daily struggle for survival for Gaza’s residents, both women and men. Amidst all this, women are dealing with a wide range of gender-specific challenges. This situation is the cumulative outcome of a decade-long siege on Gaza, in addition to the frequent military offensives on the strip every few years, and the failed attempts at reconstruction in-between these rounds.

Gaza is blockaded on 3 sides by Israel. All food, medical supplies and other materials entering Gaza must be approved by Israel. Israel has repeatedly refused to fulfill its obligations under international law. Therefore, we turn to the UN and EU, to hold Israel accountable and to ensure human rights and life for Gaza's residents.


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    Women say end the siege on Gaza. Give Gaza, food, light, medicine, and life! via @codepink
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    Peter Balakian
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    Women say end the siege on Gaza. Give Gaza, food, light, medicine, and life! via @codepink http://www.codepink.org/end_the_siege_of_gaza?recruiter_id=47516
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    Women say end the siege on Gaza. Give Gaza, food, light, medicine, and life! via @codepink http://www.codepink.org/end_the_siege_of_gaza?recruiter_id=450818
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    Time is on our side…
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    It is insane that we have let the Zionists destroy the world. They have been behind all modern world wars and continue their scaremongering that Israel should exist. Murder and Theft is Genocide and anyone who thinks Israel should exist or ignores the plight of the Palestinians have aligned themselves with the Money Changers.
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    Because I defend human rights.
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    It’s time for peace in the Middle East. We CAN all live together in peace.
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    Human rights required for Palestinians – Israel’s leaders should know that!
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    Women say end the siege on Gaza. Give Gaza, food, light, medicine, and life! via @codepink
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    Lets be human and love one another.Enough is enough.
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    It’s the modern day Warsaw ghetto it’s was wrong the people then were spoken of as terrorist Gaza siege is wrong how the world lets this happen isreal influence in foreign countries is dangerous and if nothing is done the world will pay a heavy price

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