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Don't Iraq Iran!

Trump is at the United Nations right now building a case for the U.S. and others to go to war with Iran. Sign our letter to the New York Times and Washington Post asking them not to be complicit in laying the groundwork for war with Iran, like they were in the case of Iraq. Tell them to debunk Trump’s lies and distortions, and to promote diplomacy.

Dear Editorial Board,

President Trump gave an inflammatory speech this morning at the United Nations General Assembly calling for member states to isolate and punish Iran, after accusing Iran of sponsoring terrorists and exacerbating tensions in the region. We urge you as respected journalists to hold the Trump administration accountable for this rhetoric, for pulling out of the Iran nuclear deal, for violating the diplomatic efforts of our European allies, and for making life miserable for ordinary Iranians through draconian sanctions.

We do not want another war in the Middle East. The media must not be complicit in selling a war with Iran the way it did with Iraq 15 years ago. You have the power to tell Americans the truth by providing them with facts. We ask that you do not give credibility to the distorted lies coming from the Trump administration, and instead hold them accountable for their dangerous imperialistic policies. We urge you not to help the government sell another devastating war to the American people, but instead bring to light the administration’s hawkish policies towards Iran.

We don’t want another Iraq.


Will you sign?


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